Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

Week 6 (May 11th)

First this week, please make sure you have completed all last week's tasks on the present tense. 

Remember, too, to keep up with Duolingo.



This week we are starting a new topic: Wo ich wohne (Where I live)
Use Quizlet to learn the types of dwelling, and their whereabouts, thoroughly. You may need to really concentrate on the word for 'a' each time! Why do you think it changes?

When you think you have learned the phrases, print off, or copy out the worksheet below. You may want to have Quizlet in front of you to check spellings! Please think about capital letters, too!

Translate the sentences into German. 

Check your answers, and work out any mistakes you may have made.