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Week 7 Activities (18 May) - À l'Animalerie - At the Pet Shop


Listen to the recordings.

For each one, write down in English:

a) the animal

b) its colour

c) its size (big or small)


For extra challenge, try writing the answers in French as well. Don't worry about the spellings - this exercise is to practice your listening skills.


Click on the star to check your answers.

Numéro 1.mp3

a) animal  b) colour  c) size

Numéro 2.mp3

a) animal  b) colour  c) size

Numéro 3.mp3

a) animal  b) colour  c) size

Numéro 4.mp3

a) animal  b) colour  c) size

Numéro 5.mp3

a) animal  b) colour  c) size

Extension Challenge 1:

Listen again and try to understand the customer's comment at the end of each recording. They all start with C'EST, e.g. C'EST BON = it's good.

Extension Challenge 2: 

Re-write this script with a new animal, and ask someone at home to act it out with you. You could even record it and send it to you Mr. Goodwin and I at


C = customer

S = shopkeeper


C: Bonjour Monsieur!

S: Bonjour Madame! Vous désirez?

C: Je voudrais un éléphant, s’il vous plaît. Un éléphant bleu. Un grand éléphant bleu!

S: D’accord… un moment… ah oui. Voici un grand éléphant bleu.

C: Merci monsieur! C’est super. Au revoir!

S: Au revoir Madame!

Here's a silly video to enjoy!

Une Souris Verte ( A French nursery rhyme about a green mouse)

A green mouse, running in the grass
I catch it by the tail, I show it to these gentlemen
These gentlemen tell me to soak it in oil, to soak it in water
It will turn into a hot snail!