Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

Week 7 (May 18)

Duolingo time


Task One: Revise all the phrases for where you can live. Print off the following sheet and test yourself. See how many you can write, in German, in 5 minutes. If you score less than half, go back to Quizlet and spend more time on them. 

Draw a grid. On one axis (vertical) write out the verb wohnen, in all its forms (ich wohne, du wohnst, etc).

Horizontally, write the types of house, and the whereabouts phrases, eg in einem Bungalow, in den Bergen, etc.

You have now created one side of a Battleships grid. Copy it, exactly the same, and find somebody to play battleships with you in German. Rather than using coordinates, you will be saying the phrases, eg wir wohnen in einem Wohnwagen, and trying to find where your partner has placed his ships! You choose how many you want to play with!

Task Two: Click on Quizlet to learn the rooms of the house in German.