Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Week 7 (May 18)

Don't forget your weekly dose of Duolingo!

Task one: Revise manger and boire from last week.

Below is a test, print it off, or copy it out, and see how many you can remember. Get somebody to time you to see how many you can remember in 5 minutes. 

Struggling? Go back and revise the two verbs from last week's lessons. 

Test Manger et Boire

Task Two: Here are some slightly more complicated exercises on drinks. Have a go. Once you complete a task you need to check (verifie), and scroll to the top where you will see a bar that says 'exercice suivant' to move on to the next exercise.

The crossword at the end requires you to click on each number to read the clue. Remember, you can always go back to check your answers/spellings. Enjoy!

Task Three:  Click on the link to languages online Australia. Play the games to learn some new French foods. Complete as far as you can up to number 7, but no further!

There are some nice worksheets to accompany the online stuff, should you wish to print them out and add them to your notes.

Task Four: BBC Bitesize. Listen to the video clip, and work through the exercises on Bitesize. Don't worry about the different tenses bit, though. We will look at that when we get back to school!