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WOW Work

Your Year 5 teachers have absolutely loved seeing some of the home learning you've been doing. Some of your emails have impressed us so much that we couldn't help but share them in this lovely little rainbow folder! 

Leo.S from 5GB has created an eye-catching Viking longboat! He has even included many of the traditional features often found on Viking boats. Great work!

Will D from 5JC has grown some crystals of his own - amazing structures Will!

Lilly S from 5NR has produced a colourful and informative Healthy Eating poster!

Kai P from 5OM shares his ideas for his own den, based on 'Stig of the Dump' - absolutely fantastic Kai!

Michael used a sock and bottle to filter his water!

Still image for this video

Will R had a go at filtering (separating solids and liquids) through a various household items!!

Still image for this video

Ferris in 5GB has created a fantastic Viking long boat using corrugated card and paper. Excellent work!

Gracie in 5JC has created a diary to show all the wonderful food products she has been baking and cooking! It's lovely to see she has become a confident and independent cook.

Sammy from 5OM has been cooking his own breakfast - life skills!

Evie from 5AT has cleverly 'Minecrafted' her Viking village!

Well done Jack - I love your painting of a Viking village.

Will has been working hard on his Viking Project. He is producing excellent work - presented to a high standard. Keep up the super work!

A great viking longship Will!
Wow Lewis- what a fantastic story. The story was very entertaining and demonstrated you know lots of great story telling techniques.

Anthony in 5OM has produced an invention design and pitch letter which shows brilliant engineering skills! He has clearly communicated the target audience for the invention and how it will function, whilst also making sure it is environmentally friendly.

Anthony 5OM - Pitch letter

Thomas from 5NR has made a fantastic representation of a Viking settlement in LEGO!

Taylor has been making a cushion out of scrap material - very artistic and creative!

Ted has produced a fantastic invention in response to the question - If you were an engineer what would you do? His pitch letter and invention design demonstrate excellent engineering skills! Ted has clearly communicated how the invention helps to solve a problem not just within the local community but also the wider world whilst explaining in detail how the product would function. Keep up the fantastic work!

Mon Animal Préféré - we've had some lovely posters of your favourite animals!

Mes animaux by Katy 5NR

Alec et Ben parlent en français!

Still image for this video

Evan has made a fantastic French factfile - Miss Kendall is very impressed, well done!

Will R has been busy cooking too - can you spot the happy face?

Poppy F from 5OM has been baking some scones - if you touch the picture on the screen, you can smell them. Amazing!

Lola in 5GB has been working very hard and producing lots of work - well done Lola! I especially like your snack bowl, very healthy and tasty.

Great poem Roselle!

I like your ideas in this picture Leo!

A great flag designed by Ferris in 5GB - good use of bright colour and images.

Lockdown Thursdays                           Finley  5GB

Loud clapping every Thursday

Our neighbours all join in

Clapping for the NHS

Keyworkers and the men who empty our bins

Did we ever expect

Our country to come to a stand still

We’re hoping lockdown ends soon

No more people getting ill

Max D has been busy - a picture, poem and a video of him reading his poem!

Max Reading poem.mp4

Still image for this video

Alice F from 5NR has been doing some super performance poetry!

Still image for this video

Louie in 5JC has been challenging himself in DT by designing a 'bowl hat' to help people maintain social distancing to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Louie's invention is now on display on the Little Inventors website where it has been credited for helping to solve a real life problem. Brilliant work Louie and what a huge achievement! Well done :)

Great science work from Louie in 5JC:

Can you design a different spinner Louie?

William in 5JC has been working hard:

We love your French animals!
Excellent maths William.

Sam in 5AT has been having lots of fun in the kitchen developing his food preparation skills by making apple and sultana crumble, cheese straws and spicy soup! Well done :)

Sofia in 5JC has produced some Wow artwork - a pom pom penguin and a picture in 4 styles. Superb work!

Anjali from 5AT has been cooking as well - moon stage cookies and a rainbow cake. Wonder if she does home delivery?

Leo in 5GB has applied the skills he learnt in the weighing and measuring challenge by making a berry crumble and an iced cake which look very tasty!

Alice in 5AT has created a fantastic recipe for making olive bread sticks which are so delicious!

A brilliant piece of writing from Lewis!

Gracie in 5JC has been working very hard over the past few weeks:
We like the ideas for our new playground, Grace!
This is a great local recreation of artwork!

Kai has sent in some of the work he's been getting on with!

Kai's version of Michael Rosen's poem 'I'm Hungry'
Ready for the drop
Analysis of results and conclusion - superb!

Ellie F in 5OM has had a go at her own project.

Still image for this video
A lovely powerpoint about Borneo - well done Ellie, you've put a lot of effort and research into this!

Maddie L from 5AT has sent some learning in too!

Her book review - are you convinced to read it?
An informative poster about Marie Curie

Elyssa from 5OM has produced a superb poem using some high level language - impressive!

Jamie C from 5NR has sent in a beautiful circle inspired piece of art!

Becca from 5OM has sent in some English work linked to Michael Rosen's work - I like the sound of the scooter with an automatic rain cover!

Olivia W from 5NR has sent in her work linked to Pobble - lots of effort and skills have been employed here!

I took the liberty of converting Ted C's work into a poster advertising the Amazing Jet Pack Hairdryer!