Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

WOW Work

We continue to be so impressed with your fantastic work; keep it coming! Your teachers are very proud of your achievements - we just had to share it all!  laugh

Ruby's school themed cupcakes.

Check out George Br's argument to save the NHS!

George H's mythical creature ins called: Chickarilla - Gallus gallus catus

Harry C's mythical creature's Latin name is: Simum Scorpionem Equus Pardus

Check out George H's delicious recipe with easy-to-follow steps and photos

Matilda from 7SK has cooked spaghetti bolognese with a baguette. Excellent cooking skills!

Harry.C from 7RM has created a fantastic lockdown cook book and included reviews of each of the dishes. Excellent work!

Ruby E has made a superb Air Bee n Bee!

Check out Abbie P's mythological creature

George Br's careers challenge presentation about a Business Development Manager.

Ryan D-M's description of his mythical creature is fantastic!

Check out Ryan D-M's mythical creature!

Check out Will M's mythical creature and recipe!

Introducing the Bunguin - Eleanor C's mythical creature

Tilly F has created a fab mythical creature!

You really should check out the wonderful French videos that Year 7 pupils have made to show to First Schools.

George.H has created a fantastic PowerPoint presentation documenting the step-by-step method he has followed to cook chicken stir-fry. Excellent food preparation and independent cooking skills!

George.B has cooked penne pasta with bolognese for his family. He even modified the recipe to make it more appetising. Excellent cooking!

Frankie has created a healthy version of burger and chips which looks very appetising!

Will's presentation about the life and importance of Alan Turing

George B admirably taking on the "dress ridiculous" challenge.

Will M has done some fantastic work on careers - very impressive!

Sofia has created a fab leaflet arguing to save our planet

Check out Ella S's fabulous French fruit bowl!

Harry.C has challenged himself to cook tagiatelle and ravioli pasta from scratch! Fantastic achievement!

Check out Emily F's made-up 'at home' game

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Check out Frankie in his crazy costume, modelled on Joey from Friends

George B's "Mission Impossible" obstacle course for the weekly challenge.

Maddie R's weekly challenge looks like fun!

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Arianne has written a super description

Check out Alex B's artwork - it's fantastic!

Frankie.K has baked a batch of cupcakes which have been beautifully decorated with piped icing. Well done!

Olivia's poster about Black Lives Matter.

Emily F has written a really emotive piece - check out her use of poetic devices!

Sophie P has written a great film review - check it out!

Izzy A has made a fab trailer for Abomination

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Harry. C has cooked a delicious stir-fry and taken time to evaluate the finished dish! Excellent work :)

Ruby.E has created some fantastic plant pots using recycled materials! Excellent originality :)

Frankie's challenge of the week - awesome!

Ellie-Mae's sentence work for English

Ruby's painting inspired by the art work of Katsushika Hokusai.

Freya BD has shown her 'sentence and punctuation types' research in a really creative and interesting way

George B has baked an array of delicious-looking cakes from the M&S cook book I Love (heart emoji) Sugar

George H did some excellent work on Abomination

Arianne has worked hard on her sentence types!

Sophie P's Abomination film trailer

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Louis E's writing and range of sentences about Minecraft

Will M's superb trailer for Ready Player One

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Will M's presentation on sentence types, semi-colons and film review - beautifully presented!

Another awesome Abomination film trailer - this time by Charlie A

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Check out Izzy B's fantastic film trailer for Abomination!

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Ruby E made this delicious-looking vegan carrot cake for her Dad's birthday - lucky Dad!

Autumn's poster about Black Lives Matter.

George Br has done an awesome film trailer for Abomination!

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Izzy B's poster about Black Lives Matter.

Ruby E's beautifully painted weekly challenge

Izzy A's Robert Swindells research

Amelie's poster about Black Lives Matter.

George Br's video about Black Lives Matter.

George B's weekly challenge - I am impressed with the 3D perspective!

Maddie's Robert Swindells research and book review

Amelie B's Robert Swindells and favourite author research

Matilda's letter to Katherine Parr.

Arianne has written an awesome predicted ending for Abomination

Will's information sheet about Black Lives Matter.

Will M has done a superb film trailer for Abomination!

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Check out Ella's weekly challenge!

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Ruby E has compiled a list of random acts of kindness - what a star!

Emily's piece of music demonstrating her understanding of pitch

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Fin's presentation on Black Lives Matter.

Emily has created a very unique planter using a recycled bottle and an array of colourful bottle caps! She has even started growing the wonderful Italian herb 'basil'.

Check out Harry C's presentation on Black Lives Matter

George B's book review

Emma H is the first to complete this week's challenge! She has been very creative!

George has created a fantastic planter using recycled materials! He has even started growing some carrots! Great combination of DT and Food.

Rose has written an excellent book review

Mangahigh leaderboard as at 12th June.

Grace W's favourite author, book review and redesigned book cover

George's french cafe role play.

Will M's research, favourite author and book review - I think we should ALL read Divine Madness after reading his review!

Joe K has also shared his favourite author and book - good choice, Joe!

Joe K's research and book review

Check out Liam's research on Robert Swindells

Rose has also done her favourite author research - a very popular choice!

Rose's research on Robert Swindells and book review

George H's biography of Robert Swindells

Check out Ellie Mae's author and book review presentation

Check out Malikia's presentation on Robert Swindells - I love the presentation of it!

Ruby's Loui Jover inspired collage that got a like from the artist himself.

Ruby E's weekly challenge is rather cute!

Check out Charlie A's research on Robert Swindells

Ruby J has made a food turtle for this week's challenge!

Take a look at all the English work Indie has completed! What a star. The police report, Humbleton map and theme park leaflets in particular are fantastic!

George B has created a presentation on Robert Swindells

Ryan caught a whopper on his first time ever at fishing.

Take a look at Alex's awesome guide to making French bread!

Final placings on the Mangahigh leaderboard for May.

Freya's Humbleton map

Mangahigh leaderboard as at 22nd May.

Frankie has been working hard - I LOVE the name of his theme park - check out his leaflet

Check out Frankie's newspaper report!

Frankie's creative micro:bit coding.

Check out Joe K's theme park leaflet - it looks so professional!

Louis' scrummy cookies.

Have a look at Charlie A's theme park leaflet!

Check out this thoughtful slide on kindness by 'anonymous'

Marcus' spin challenge.

Joe's brilliant and comprehensive Commonwealth project.

George showing how the spin challenge should be done.

Jess has designed a wonderful dog themed planter which shows great artistic flair! She has even decided to start growing chillies. Well done

Alex B wrote a super newspaper report - I LOVED the clever headline!

Will M has been working hard on his English project - here is his theme park leaflet work

Well done Joe for producing such a creative response to the DT project brief! You have demonstrated great skill in recycling and reusing materials to create a planter that helps to reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

Oliver 7AMW has worked hard on his Music Timeline...

Frankie nearly landing it after 10 spins.

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... and then success!

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Ryan S has written a to-do list for during lockdown - there are some great ideas on here!

Matthew fait du pain et des biscuits! The biscuits are shaped like Spitfires to celebrate VE day. Oh là là!

Joe with more Star Wars; this time the theme tune coded on micro:bit.

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George giving the spin challenge a great go. So glad George didn't fall down the slope.

The first pupil with a spin challenge video. Ella showing the teachers how it should be done.

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George H has been drawing - how impressive is this?!

Matilda R has worked hard on her planning for her police report

Matilda's graph showing the number of moons orbiting plants.

Devon has created a thoughtful PowerPoint on Kindness and Mental Health

Maddie R as Stanley Yelnats in Holes - love it!

Mangahigh leaderboard as at 15th May. Still a fantastic showing from Year 7.

Bea has worked hard on her newspaper report - LOVE the headline!

Another of the famous ET scene recreated; this time by Matthew.

Ruby E has written a lovely newspaper report!

George's Blofeld and "cat" from James Bond movies. Thank you also to Millhouse, the guinea pig.

Elise D has been baking - I envy her family - these look delicious!

Oliver W wrote a superb police report

Maddie R's newspaper report is excellent!

Finley applying aftershave just like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

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Malikia's perfect impression of Moana.

George's Commonwealth bunting.

Joe K's and Alec K's Weekly Challenge plus the scene he imitated - this made us smile!

Autumn's planter looks fantastic!! A brilliant example of how to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional product using recycled materials.

George competing in his own version of the Commonwealth Games.

Charlie's rendition of the Circle of Life from The Lion King

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George as ET in our Year 7 weekly challenge.

Jack recreating a scene from Kingsman.

Frankie's collage of the Commonwealth Games.

A page from Eleanor's Science project about the Earth, Sun and Moon.

Ella M's weekly challenge

Malikia's Coronavirus related story called The Dark Monster.

Will's micro:bit coding projects including Wallace and Gromit theme tune.

Microbit - Wallace and Gromit theme tune.MOV

Still image for this video

Amelia's and Abbie's incredible bug hotel.

Ryan in Fast & Furious. Seemingly driving so fast that the number plate fell off!

Charlie T has been busy! Here is his Humbleton map, bunting, and evidence of his delicious-looking pizzas!

Jonathon has made a bottle carrier for his trips to the dairy in Blackford.

Early entry for recreating a movie scene (or famous work of art). Already better than any of the teachers. Very well done Ruby and her family with their version of the Addams Family.

Mangahigh leaderboard as at 8 May. Early pace setters for May. Great to see Year 7 pupils filling all of the top 9 places.

George Bi's Humbleton map

Joe K's police report plan and neat draft

More weekly challenges from Ed, who has been litter-picking on his walks, and George Bi, who has been sorting out the guinea pigs and leading his family on a 3-mile walk. Well done boys!

Maddie participating in (her version of) the Commonwealth Games

Matilda's excellent Science work

Harry's French bake

Indah's Humbleton map

Maddie doing her Weekly Challenge - Responsibilities

Arianne's map

Ruby in 7DJ has baked a gluten free, vegan chocolate and peanut butter cake which looks amazing! I expect it tastes delicious!

Rose and Ruby's French video

Still image for this video

Liam's Commonwealth location map

Painted rainbow window display by Indah and her brother.

Zak helping out at home and doing home learning with the "help" of Ralph the cat.

Zak's video using Makaton (use of signs to help communicate). Must have taken a lot of practise.

Still image for this video

Tilly F's bunting

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Will's Dans la cuisine presentation

Amelie's Buddhist temple

Have you seen the "new" Exercise Challenge for May? This is a great example by Izzy.

Charlie's French video

Liam has been cooking!

Some fantastic photos of you for the reading challenge.

Elliot made these cakes!

Another Humbleton map by anonymous

Freya's Snapchat review

Pupils in Year 7 have been getting creative in the DT design challenge by designing their own personalised Lego mini figure model. Here are some great examples!

George B's (in SK) reading challenge: can you spot him?

Ella's writing project about a dog during World War 2.

George H's Humbleton map

Frankie's map and key

More photos of the Lympsham Lockdown Exercise Challenge

Will's fantastic Commonwealth project

Minecraft review by Louis

Louis' map of Humbleton village

Some work Marcus P is proud of

Scarlet has made a model of our solar system!

Tilly F used watercolours for her Humbleton map

Reuben F has really enjoyed the Humbleton map task!

Ella S has been working on the royal family

Ruby E's Humbleton map for English

Commonwealth flags around the world.

Archie's poster about punctuation.

Louis' picture album and family tree about the Queen

Buddhist temple created by Jess.

Lympsham Lockdown Exercise Challenge - Abbie, Ella, Emily, Finley and Sam (and others) helped to complete the distance from Land's End to the North Pole and raise over £2,000 for Weston Hospital.

Izzy's Humbleton map planning and map

Eleanor's punctuation work

Rose and her family have set up a roadside tuck shop to raise money for the NHS and have already raised over £120!

Liam's Humbleton Village map

Joe K has also been baking!

Joe K's planning and map for English

Will M's planter made from recycled materials.

Will M has already done his village map for English.

Liam has been planting an oak tree!

Autumn's awesome punctuation project.

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Fantastic Romeo and Juliet stop motion video by Alex.

Great window display by Liam.

Superb drawing by Ruby.

Can you guess the song being played by Harry?

Music 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Several meals cooked by Ruby.

Mangahigh leaderboard as at 23rd April.  Just one week to go to get on to the Top 10 leaderboard for April.

Wonderful poster by Avril.

Awesome board game created by Izzy.

Informative Fortnite review by George.