Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

WOW Work

We continue to be so impressed with  the home learning and activities you have sent in - it shows a fantastic effort, so we just had to share it in this rainbow folder!  laugh

Charlie W wrote a lovely piece for his English writing practise

Check out these Wellie poems by Phoebe, Leah and Theo

Ollie Jay has written a lovely description for one of the English writing tasks

Ellis's A Night on the Streets is another must-read!

Another fantastic piece called First Night on the Streets by Finn F - another must-read!

Will F has written a superbly emotive description of A Night on the Streets - a must-read!

Ollie J's A Night on the Streets writing

Ollie J's annotation of A Night on the Streets

James O has been working hard on his English

Matty's homeless charity presentation is really emotive- check it out!

Check out Finn F's awesome homeless charity web page!

Ollie J's homeless charity webpage

Lili-Rose's Robert Swindells research and book review

Oscar H's Robert Swindells research and book review

Finn's research and book review

Rhys's book review

Charlie 8RA has composed a piece of music to demonstrate pitch. Have a listen. Can you describe how the pitch changes? Well done Charlie

Ollie J has reviewed an excellent book!

Charlie has created some fantastic modern and historical boats using corrugated cardboard. I think you'll agree these boats are both functional and asethetically pleasing!

Final placings on the Mangahigh leaderboard for May.

How impressive is Hudson's side table project for his games room?!

Check out Hudson's advertising poster - his choice of celebrities is great!

Mangahigh leaderboard as at 22nd May.

Finn holding his Commonwealth bunting.

Rhys has updated his advertising poster

Rebecca's final project for her Cadet catering course. It looks amazing.

Jame has baked cookies and invented a new dessert called Lockdown Choctown.

Check out Finn F's awesome advertising poster!

Tobias has baked a beautiful batch of lemon and lime cupcakes with citrus icing and apricot for decoration. These cupcakes have been created to say 'Thank you to our Armed Forces'. This is in honour of his sister who is actively serving as a Soldier.

Rhys has written a very funny advert!

Charlie in 8JNB has created a beautiful planter using recycled materials! Well done

Phoebe's amazing cookie monster cake.

Sebbie's excellent Commonwealth quiz. Try answering every one before you reveal the answer.

Sebbie has been working hard on his English project!

Seb's English challenge

Oliver's very neat and accurate enlargement (scale factor 2).

Rebecca made a delightful red, white and blue pavlova for VE Day.

Beth C has made superb notes when analysing an advertising poster

Mangahigh leaderboard as at 15th May.

Matty has written a very clever newspaper report!

Rhys has labelled his newspaper features superbly!

Libby's excellent enlargements for Maths.

Isaac in 8RA has cooked some yummy New Zealand Afghan biscuits.

Teagan tending to her horse Solie (just 2 years old) and Edward (age 10) sneaking into the picture.

Beth C has done some lovely work on newspapers!

Ollie J's Magazine Article on Covid-19

Excellent Happy Birthday video from Emily in 8KS.

Still image for this video

Fantastic baking by Libby in 8JNB! These cupcakes look delicious! :)

Charlie in 8JNB has baked some delectable Samoan sweet coconut buns.

Oliver in 8RH has baked a lovely Dutch apple cake which looks very appetising! Well done :)

Olivia in 8EF has made some coco and banana cupcakes with banana icing. These cakes are healthy and delicious, well done! :)

Aimee's research into local Commonwealth graves.

Isaac in 8RA has applied his learning in DT to the making of his mechanical vending machine which dispenses sweets! Fantastic engineering skills and great use of recyled materials! Well done :-)

Mangahigh leaderboard as at 23rd April.  Just one week to go to get on to the Top 10 leaderboard for April.