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WOW Work

Your Year 6 teachers have absolutely loved seeing some of the home learning you've been doing. Some of your emails have impressed us so much that we couldn't help but share them in this lovely little rainbow folder!


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Impressive research Reuben. You have really explored the lives of the Maya in detail. Scroll through this project to find out more!

Take a look at Keira's Mayan presentation. She has researched the Mayan gods and their beliefs. A very interesting project- well done Keira!

A fantastic powerpoint George, not only have you presented it very professionally but you have also included a good level of detail on the Mayan civilisation. Well done! What was the most interesting piece of information you found out about the Mayans?

Look at Jack's River project! Well done Jack. You have researched interesting facts about the Yellow River. I like that used some geographical terms in your writing. What type of river feature is shown in your second photo?

Marnie has been challenging herself by making her own lunch each day. She has created a brilliant time lapse video of her making a cheese toastie! Great use of technology! I think you’ll agree the finished toastie looks delicious!

Still image for this video

Take a look through Ray's Matilda project. He's documented the entire unit of work as a PowerPoint presentation- what a fantastic idea!

Take a look at Alfie's recount of The Good Samaritan.

What a fantastic powerpoint on classification Emma! You've obviously spent a lot of time putting this together - you've chosen some great images to use (the badger is my absolute favourite) and you've classified nearly everything perfectly (just check the pheasant). Could you think of any more invertebrates that you might find in woodland?

A brilliant science project from Tom. He has obviously researched each insect thoroughly as well as taking extra care in the presentation of his work. A fantastic example Tom- Well done!

A beautifully presented slideshow project from Olivia as part of her science home learning. She has done lots of research to support her written work- the images she has included are beautiful too! Well done Olivia!

Check out Bailey's video- as part of his DT home learning, he has been learning how to change break pads. Impressive work Bailey, well done!

Still image for this video

WOW ISLA! This must have taken you ages to do all of the research to support your understanding of what happened. You Included beautiful images to support what you had written and the facts you found for each slide. I also like the way you used a question on the first slide to introduce your project. I had no idea her full name was Annelies marie Frank- very interesting fact 🙂 I'm still gobsmacked by the amount of research you must have done to gather enough information to create a presentation- super ICT skills with PowerPoint by the way, it looks as though you've used some of the skills we learnt in computing at the start of the year. The lives of people in Auschwitz really was gruesome and you captured this with your written work really well. Slide 5: could you have used semi-colons for the list in paragraph 4 to avoid ambiguity? Slide 6: be sure to double check your verb tenses. A fabulous project of which you should be very proud Isla. Well done!