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Year 8

Welcome, Year 8 smiley

The Year 8 Team:

Miss D'Auria - Year Leader

Miss Waring - 8AMW

Mr Jackson - 8DJ

Mrs Allen - 8KA

Mr McGrath - 8RM

Miss Kendall - 8SK

8KA drumming


Freya, Jess & Bea's Music 'Shine' project performance.

Check out Jess W's poem about homelessness

Year 8 Food and Nutrition - Year 8 pupils have produced some fantastic outcomes in response to this project brief: The Hugh Sexey Bake Off is an opportunity to apply, develop and enhance your understanding of the functional and chemical properties of baked food products. Your task is to design, plan, make and present a baked sweet or savoury product within a 1 hour timescale. The product can be linked to cake, biscuit, pastry or bread. The product must be professionally presented using a range of technical baking skills. Think carefully about your combination of flavours.

Year 8 Food and Nutrition - Over the past two weeks Year 8 pupils have been learning to develop cake making skills using the creaming method and chemical and mechanical raising agents. Pupils have produced some beautiful and very well presented Dutch apple cakes! Well done.

Will M created a superb presentation on homophones

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Mrs Knight reading a book for World Book Day

World Book Day 2021

The Year 8 Team dressed up for World Book Day and talked about a book

It's World Book Day! Cynara has designed a new Willy Wonka chocolate bar

Check out Daisy-Mae's advert, which was sent to Maryland Cookies - they loved it so much, they sent her vouchers! Well done, Daisy!

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Marcus P's advert

Archie W's advert

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Check out Sofia D's advert

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Archie W and Oliver K roleplayed a TV interview

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Check out Sam B's fabulous advert

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Annabelle W and Charlie H have done some lovely work for English

Will M did some independent research into ADHD as a result of his tutor group discussing disabilities - well done, Will!

Cynara has shared her favourite animal poem for this week's Reading Challenge

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Blessed are the animals,
Divinity's best work.
May they walk in freedom,
Without cage, or pen, or yoke.
Let them know the breeze of wild meadows,
Long, green grass beneath their paws,
The infinity of the oceans,
Mountains hued with daybreak's gold.
Let their acquaintanceship with humans,
Be of peace and kindness shared,
So that they can walk or fly, swim away,
Back to homelands undisturbed.

Kyran's rainbow cake! Excellent baking skills.

Will M has researched La Chandeleur, a French festival, and made some crêpes. He watched a French video to get the recipe.

Will M has done a superb piece of DT work for Mrs Kemp. This is part 1.

Noah.H has been working hard to further develop his bread making skills. Great work!

Jess W wrote an almost complete magazine!

Here are some more awesome magazine articles

This week, Year 8s have been writing magazine articles and they have done brilliantly!

Maddie R has been spreading the love at Christmas by giving presents to the elderly in a care home - what a fabulous thing to do!

Another super piece of science

Mrs Scott has been impressed with some of the science work produced by Year 8

Another super Incarnation poem

Year 8s have been writing poems about Incarnation for Humanities

Will M has done some great work for his DT Remote Learning

This week, Year 8s have been working on magazines

Year 8 have made a great start to their Remote Learning for English. Check out some of these brilliant 200-word challenges, where they had to persuasively describe a brand new fashion item!

Amelie B wrote a lovely Christmas poem

Congratulations to William in 8KA for being awarded overall winner of the Year 7 category in the 2019-20 Secondary Engineer Leaders Award. This is a brilliant achievement and also the third consecutive year Hugh Sexey have won the Year 7 category overall! The announcement of the winner was unfortunately delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The judges commended William on his excellent knowledge of electrical engineering and his understanding of problem solving.

Congratulations to Ffion in 8KA and Autumn in 8DJ for being awarded Star Chef and and Designer of the Month in November. Ffion has produced a fantastic shortcrust pastry snack design sheet which demonstrates excellent knowledge of nutrition. Autumn has produced a fantastic isometric drawing of her mechanical vending machine. Brilliant use of IT! Well done to both pupils!

Year 8 pupils have recently investigated the work of 4 aboliton pressure groups. They researched the leaders, the key events and tactics and supporting evidence and the present to a pretend village hall meeting of citizens interested in supporting their group. Pupils worked really hard and there were some emotive presentations. Well done, Year 8.

Well done to Ruby L, who was the Star Pupil of the Month in PE!

Well done to Summer and Elise (8AMW) for their fantastic random number generator.

Probability Games

Have a listen to some of the amazing work our Year 8's have been doing in Music.

This week we have had a go at improvising a melody using the notes of the Blues Scale in our Jazz Improvisation project.  

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Check out Year 8s doing their socially-distanced gymnastics!

Congratulations to Indah and Izzy in 8KA for being awarded DT Star Designers of the Month - October. They have created some fantastic bird houses!

Check out some of these thoughtful WW1 poems written by some of our Year 8s

Josh F made a video of what life in the trenches was like

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Josh F's model of a trench

Elliot's model of a trench

Emilia F's presentation on Women in WW1

Izzy B's recital of a WW1 poem

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Annabelle W's presentation on Women in WW1

Jack H gave a brilliant talk on his WW1 trench

Ruby E has created a presentation on WW1

Will M has made a presentation of him building a trench

Maddie R created a great presentation on drugs for PSHE

Ollie W has made a lovely video to go with his poem recital

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Check out Kyran's and Michal's model of a trench

Year 8 have been making bird houses and feeders in DT

Cynara made this awesome trench using baking materials. Not only does it look fantastic, but it smells great, too!

George Br created this fantastic trench for his English homework

Check out Aida's WW1 trench which she created for homework

Joe K wrote a lovely WW1 poem for his homework

Indah recited a WW1 poem created a beautiful video with war photographs

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Tilly F recited a WW1 poem for her English homework

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Amelie B wrote a WW1 poem for her English homework

Year 8 Food and Nutrition - Pastries - Each ingredient you use in a recipe has a specific function, especially in pastry making. Pupils in Year 8 have been learning about the function of ingredients in savoury pastry making through a variety of practical cooking tasks (shortcrust pastry pasties, tomato and basil tarts and puff pastry sausage rolls) whilst making sure they meet the dietary requirements of their target client. Pupils have also learnt how food science helps to make food safe for consumers to eat.

In Year 8, pupils have been learning about the opportunities and challenges facing Africa today. To finish our unit, we have learned about the experience of a young boy called Dennis who lives in the slum of Mukuru, Kenya. The pupils imagined that they were part of the Comic Relief charity team who are working to support people living in poverty. They needed to identify the types of problems people like Dennis face and plan and budget for how the money raised should be best spent. Pupils are working in pairs and will present and vote for the best plan to improve living conditions in the Mukuru slum.

Have a look at 8AMW's propaganda posters for their Conflict unit in English

Check out some of 8RM's propaganda posters for their Conflict unit in English

Look at some of 8KA's propaganda posters for their Conflict unit in English

Check out some of 8SK's propaganda posters created in English for their Conflict unit

This year's Digital Leaders at their first after school session.

During the last academic school year a group of Year 7 pupils took part in the South West Secondary Engineer Leaders Award. As part of the Leaders Award pupils were asked to answer the question ‘If you were an engineer what would you do?’ Pupils had to draw a design to solve a problem within their home, local community or the wider world. Pupils spent several weeks engaging with engineers from industry discussing their ideas and identifying ways in which it could be developed before formulating the final idea. Congratulations to all the pupils that participated because they have all been awarded a minimum grade of a Merit. The engineers stated they were absolutely astounded with the quality of the inventions produced by pupils this year. This is a fantastic achievement! Extra special congratulations go to George Bishop in 8SK and William Manning in 8KA for being awarded Distinction – shortlisted which means their work will now be put on display at an Exhibition to be held at the University of the West of England during the summer term of 2021. George invented an electric cheese grater which demonstrated excellent knowledge of mechanical engineering and William invented a small earpiece that would allow the wearer to translate any spoken language into another language of their choice. The device would support business travellers and tourists without the need to consult phrase books. William demonstrated excellent knowledge of electrical engineering.

Cheddar Youth Club wants YOU!

Meet this year's Ambassadors! I could only select 15 this year due to Covid19, so these girls and boys should be really proud of themselves!

This Year's Sports Leaders - we had to reduce numbers due to Covid19, so these pupils did really well to get a place!

Meet our Year 8 Recycling Team! We have two pupils per tutor group this year due to Covid19. I know they will do an excellent job!

Year 8 WW1 Prior Knowledge - Year 8 have been showing off what they already know!