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Mr P. Tatterton

Mrs J. Farrell

Mr M Drew

Mr A Broad

Head Teacher Business Manager Assistant Head Teacher Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs C. Edmonds

Mrs M. Jarrett

Mrs K. Allen

Mrs J. Harrison

Leader of Year 5  Leader of Year 6 Leader of Year 7 Leader of Year 8

Mrs S. Best

Mrs S Melluish


KS2 Curriculum Leader Reception  




Gareth Smith


Term of Office: - November 2018

Appointing Body: Parents

Parent governor

Committees: Business, Sites and Buildings, Pay and Performance, Head teacher's Performance

Additional Responsibilities: Website. 

School Development Priority: Narrowing the Gap/SEN

Subject Responsibility: Maths

Business Interests: N/A


With over 12 years experience of being a Governor, I have learnt the true value a governing body can bring to schools. My aim is to challenge, question and support the schools senior leadership team ensuring the pupils’ needs are always at the forefront of all decisions.

My background is in Business Management, and I use the skills that I have gained in the private sector to help the Schools Business Committee meet their responsibilities in ensuring that the school is well managed within the challenging budget constraints that the school faces.

As well as being a Parent Governor, I am also the Subject Leader in Mathematics, and have a keen interest in ensuring that the current high standards within this subject area are maintained and improved upon further moving forward.


Sue Moreman

Vice Chair

Term of Office:   - May 2019

Appointing Body: Diocese of bath and Wells

Foundation Governor

Committees: Business Chair, Curriculum, Pay and Performance

Additional Responsibilities: N/A 

School Development Priorities: Assessment/Teaching and Learning/Learning Dialogue/Financial Stability

Subject Responsibility: ICT Lead

Business interests: N/A


I joined the Governing body in June 2015 and this is my first experience of being a school governor.  I have two daughters at Hugh Sexey's so know the school well as a parent.  I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and was a Senior Manager at the London Stock Exchange before moving to Somerset with my family 10 years ago.
Since moving to Wedmore I have been actively involved with the local community.  I am currently responsible for running Junior Church and singing the choir at St Mary's, am a Brownie leader and organise the NCT Feed & Change tent at Glastonbury Festival.


Richard Neill

Term of Office: Ex Officio

Appointing Body: Diocese of bath and Wells

Foundation Governor

Committees: Curriculum Chair

Additional Responsibilities: Collective Worship, G&T

School Development Priority: Assessment/Teaching and Learning/Learning Dialogue

Subject Responsibility: Modern Foreign Languages

Business interests: N/A


I am the Vicar of Wedmore, Blackford and Theale, and so Hugh Sexey Middle School falls within my parish. I have been a Foundation Governor at the school since my arrival in Wedmore in summer 2008.

I sit on the Curriculum Committee and am the Link Governor for English. I am also a parent at the school.

Time spent as a governor of this school is very satisfying and one particular highlight has been the privilege of being part of the interview process leading to the appointment of the Head and the two Assistant Heads.




Glenys Cousins

Term of Office: - August 2017

Appointing Body: Board of Governors

Co-opted Governor

Committees: Business

Additional Responsibilities: E-Safety, Safeguarding

School Development Priority: Financial Stability

Subject Responsibility: Science

Business interests: N/A


My association with Hugh Sexey goes back to the 1960s when I was a pupil at what was then Sexeys Grammar School. I have happy memories of my 7 years at the school and continue to meet up with classmates who are now scattered all over the world.

Fast forward 30 years to the 1990s when my son Ben became a pupil at what had become Hugh Sexey Middle School. Again he enjoyed his time at the school and it proved to be an excellent foundation for his future education. Like me, he has fond memories of his old school.

My career was always to be in education. After initially teaching in Yorkshire I returned to Somerset where I spent most of my career, the last 20 years, as a Head Teacher and Governor.

Since ‘retiring’ I have taken an active role in the local community helping with the Isle of Wedmore News and am currently Chair of Wedmore Parish Council. In my spare time my husband and I are renovating our house and garden and enjoying some travelling.

I have always believed it to be a great privilege to be in a position to help and guide young people in their school. It is therefore rewarding to be able to continue this role through being a Governor, responding to the challenges and responsibilities I know are involved, so helping to ensure the pupils have a happy and secure environment in which to develop and to achieve their full potential. I am a member of the Business Committee, Safeguarding Governor and Link Governor for Science.


Jeff Fear

Term of Office: - August 2017

Appointing Body: Hugh Sexey Trust

Foundation Governor

Committees: Sites and Buildings Chair, Business

Additional Responsibilities: Endowment chair, Head Teacher's Performance Meetings

School Development Priority: School Environment (S&B/H&S)

Subject Responsibility: KS3 lead

Business interests: J & M Fear Agricultural Partners


Having enjoyed a very good grammar school education, I had hoped for the same for my children, but the battle was lost and the Cheddar Valley became comprehensive. So, on the premise of “if you can’t beat them, then join them,” I applied in 1976 to become an L.A. Governor at Hugh Sexey Middle School and was duly appointed. I switched later to become a Foundation Governor, appointed by the Bruton Hospital Trust.

My four children have passed through the school, and so far, so have two of my grandchildren, with hopefully two more to follow.



Roberta Taylor

Term of Office: - April 2020

Appointing Body: Hugh Sexey Staff

Staff Governor

Committees: Training and Development

School Development Priority: Teaching and Learning

Additional Responsibilities: Professional Tutor

Subject Responsibility: Leader of Humanities

Business interests: N/A


Originally from Canada, I first came to the UK in 2003 where I taught at Danesfield Middle School in West Somerset on a one-year teaching visa.  I loved the UK and thus put the wheels in motion to emmigate permanently in 2005.  I have now been a teacher at Hugh Sexey for 11 years and in that time have held many roles; KS3 teacher of English, KS2 class teacher and for the past four years have held the position of Leader of Humanities, and have responsibility for the teaching and learning of pupils in History, Geography, Citizenship and Relgious Education.  I was newly appointed as Staff Governor in the summer term of 2016.  I am very much looking forward to actively participating in the governence of this very special and truly unique school.


Suzanne Moss

Term of Office: - November2018

Appointing Body: Parents

Parent Governor

Committees: Curriculum

Additional Responsibilities: Safeguarding, Pupil premium

School Development Priority: Safeguarding

Subject Responsibility: Music, Art

Business interests: N/A


Having moved to Somerset from suburban London almost a decade ago, my husband and I soon settled into the local community. Our three children, Charlie, George and Daisy enjoyed their time at Weare Academy C of E First School, and are now in Years Six and Five at Hugh Sexey’s.

At Weare School I volunteered for the PTA, eventually becoming Chair, a post that I held for two years and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I am enjoying my first year as one of the Parent Governors, though I still have a lot to learn. I sit on the Curriculum Committee and my Link Subjects are Music and Art. I enjoy both of these, and I have recently taken up oil painting!

As a Health Visitor based at Axbridge I am very involved in the local community. I enjoy walking and cycling to try to keep fit, and also birdwatching on the Somerset Levels with my family. I have a real passion for wildlife and engaging children with the wonders of the natural world, as this brings many proven benefits for their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

I regard it as a real privilege to be involved in the school and hope to bring my skills and experience in health and communication, and my interest in the natural world, to the governing body.


Heather Hector

Term of Office: - August 2020

Appointing Body: Board of Governors

Foundation Governor

Committees:  Teaching & Learning and Pay & Performance
School Development Priority: Narrowing the Gap/SEN
Subject Responsibility: KS2
Business interests: Hector's Farm Shop


I live in Cocklake just outside Wedmore with my husband Alan and our extended family.  Our family is very ‘local’ with the fourth generation now living at Lane End Farm.  I feel privileged to be appointed as a Foundation Governor and will do my best to ensure that as a member of the governing body we support the school to provide for the needs of all the young people.  Also, that we create a working environment that supports the entire school community; valuing the efforts of all who make this such a successful school.  Having spent most of my working life in education, I will bring to this role a breadth of knowledge and hope to use it to further the important work done at Hugh Sexey Middle School. 

I am an active member of St. Mary’s Church, Wedmore.  I play golf (very badly) but enjoy the walk around the golf course as the views are always stunning.  I also enjoy walking our dogs across the moors and most of all I love being with our grandchildren who are always a delight and keep me on my toes! 

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