Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Bake Off Finale Competition


On Wednesday 14th June, the winners of the Year 8 Hugh Sexey Bake Off participated in the finale competition against the winners from Fairlands Middle School. The Bake Off was an exciting opportunity for pupils to apply, develop, and enhance their understanding of the functional and chemical properties of baked food products. Pupils were given the task of making and presenting a baked sweet or savoury product within a 1-hour time frame. The product could be linked to cake, biscuits, pastries or bread. The product had to be professionally presented using a range of technical baking skills while demonstrating creativity and showing careful consideration of a combination of flavours.


During the bake-off, the judges assessed the pupils in the following areas: hygiene and safety, organisation, preparation of ingredients, cooking, and presentation skills.


The winner and runner-ups were awarded prizes from Cheddar Cakery.


This bespoke event was designed to encourage pupils to develop their creativity, communication skills, numeracy through weighing and measuring, organisational skills, how to adapt to working in new situations and working under pressure to meet deadlines.