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More sports practice: 1-5 March

L'OBJECTIF: To become more confident with the words for different sports



How many sports can you remember from last week? Before you watch the video, jot down a list, in English or French - can you remember all 14?

Watch the video again from last lesson, and see how many you remembered.

Les Sports

14 sports en 2 minutes!



Tu préfères le foot ou le rugby?

Do you prefer football or rugby?

Je préfère le rugby.

I prefer rugby.


Write your own answer to each of these questions.

If you don't know which sport you prefer, you can write 'Je ne sais pas' (=I don't know!)


Tu préfères le cricket ou le foot?

Tu préfères la natation ou l'équitation?

Tu préfères le jogging ou le judo?

Tu préfères la danse ou le vélo?

Tu préfères le surf ou le volleyball?

Tu préfères le ski ou le snowboard?



Make some match up cards to help you practise the new sports.

See how quickly you can match them up, or play a memory game by turning them all face down and taking it in turns with someone to turn over a pair.


You could print off the attached cards, or make your own!