Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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13 July: C'est Moi! It's Me!

Objective: To understand a penfriend letter and write a reply.


Read this penfriend email from Olivier, and answer the questions below in ENGLISH.

Use your reading skills - look for clues, such as words you know and words you can guess easily, which are similar to English. Good luck! 


a) How old is Olivier - eleven, twelve or thirteen?

b) Where does Olivier live?

c) Who does he live with?

d) He has two pets - what are they? Bonus points if you can say:

- their names

- their size

- what colour they both are 

e) What is his favourite outfit?

f) What does he wear if it is hot?

g) What are his favourite colours?

h) What do you think the last sentences says about his favourite colours?


 TASK 2: 

Imagine you are Olivier's penfriend. Write a reply to his letter, telling him about yourself. 

Use sentences from Olivier's letter, but change the information to describe yourself. 

you can type your answer on the computer, or write it out by hand. 


I would love to see any of your letters! you can send them to