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Regular ER verbs

TASK 1: Thinking about English


I eats a sandwich...

He go to bed...

They does the washing up...

We flies to Hawaii...


What is wrong with these 4 sentences?

The VERB endings are wrong! 


Write them out correctly, in English.


TASK 2: ER verbs

Many, many verbs in French end in ER in the dictionary. Match up these ER verbs with their English meanings:


1) changer

2) danser

3) jouer

4) regarder

5) écouter

6) chanter

7) penser


a) to dance

b) to watch

c) to listen

d) to change

e) to sing

f) to play

g) to think


They are all called ER verbs because... they all end in ER!


To use them, you have to change the endings. This is called CONJUGATING.



Watch this video to find out how to conjugate regular ER verbs in French.


How to conjugate regular ER verbs

Not as tricky as it sounds!

The 4 steps are:

1) Cross off the ER ending.

2) Circle the stem.

3) Add the stem to the pronouns in the verb table.

4) Add the endings.


Voilà! smiley


Here's a photo of the example from the video:




A) Open this worksheet and conjugate the verbs. Follow the 4 steps above. Use a different colour for the verb endings.

You can open it as a PDF or editable Word file.


B) Now try this sheet - putting the verbs into sentences. All the vocab you need is on the sheet!