Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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SPORT UND HOBBYS - Sport and hobbies

Ziel: To learn the names for ball sports, say whether you like them, and to conjugate the verb spielen.

TASK 1: 

Learn the name for seven different ball sports. Can you think of any more? Look them up in a dictionary, or on




Saying whether you like something ( a noun) is easy. You can use

ich mag ..., or

ich mag ... nicht


Practise saying which sports you like, and don't like,

eg Ich mag Fußball.

Ich mag Rugby nicht


Find somebody to have a disagreement with!


TASK 3: Frame


Make up some sentences saying what you like/don't like and why. Use the frame to help you.




TASK 4: Schreiben

Use the frame to help you write the following sentences in German:



1.I like rugby because it is exciting.
2.I don’t like tennis because it is boring.
3.My brother doesn’t like sport because he is stupid!
4.My sister likes my brother, but (aber) my brother doesn’t like my sister!
5.My cat likes dogs because she is great!
6.I like sport, but I don’t like golf because it is boring, but my mum likes golf.
7.I like dogs because they are interesting and great.
8.I like basketball, and (und) my brother likes volleyball, but my sister doesn’t like sport.


TASK 5: Hören

Listen and note down what it is each person likes, or dislikes, and why.








Most verbs in German end in -en. To conjugate verbs in the present tense, you simply

  • remove the -en
  • and add the following endings:



Write the sentences in German:

  1. I play tennis
  2. You play golf
  3. He plays basketball, and I play volleyball
  4. We play badminton, but they play tennis.
  5. She plays hockey, but he plays table tennis.
  6. I play netball. It is great!