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22 June: Les Matières - School Subjects

You may have noticed that all the subjects on the Directed Learning page are in French as well as English this week!


This week's objective is: To learn the school subjects in French



Watch the video to hear the subjects:

Les Matières - School Subjects


Look at the list of subjects below. 

Use the blue words to help you say them out loud.


Mon Emploi du TempsMy timetable

Here is a typical Year 7 Timetable… your timetable next year will be very similar! Answer the questions below IN ENGLISH.

  1. How many maths lessons are there each week?
  2. How many humanities lessons are there each week?
  3. How many French lessons?
  4. Write down all the lessons for Wednesday.
  5. What day is the DT lesson?
  6. What do you think Lesson 3 on Friday is?
  7. Who is the teacher for PE?
  8. Which day would be your favourite day?