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New Pupil Dialogue - A Foreign Accent is a Sign of Bravery

Discuss this quote. Why is a foreign accent a sign of courage?



Imagine a new French pupil was starting at Hugh Sexeys.

How might they feel? How could you help to welcome them?


Look at this script, where a new French pupil at school is welcomed by a pupil from our school.

Find the questions, and as much information as you can about the new pupil.


Now it's your turn! Write your own answers for the new pupil.

Use the script above to help you.

Find numbers and months in your vocab list or home-school diary.


Practise saying the dialogue out loud with a partner.

Try to bring it to life with the way you act!


Extension: Can you start to say it from memory?


Be brave - don't worry if you make mistakes when you speak...

            ...a foreign accent is a sign of bravery!