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Year 7

Welcome to Year 7


The Year 7 team


Mrs Harrison (Head of Year)

Mrs Adair - 7RA

Mrs Scott/Mrs Bayliss - 7KS/NB

Miss McMillan - 7CM

Miss Butler - 7JB

Mr Fairbanks - 7EF

Mr Albrow (Assistant Headteacher) - 7IA

Our Yr7 Celebration assembly

'It's a Knockout' - pupils had great fun taking part in the Frog Flap, Welly Wanging, Spud and Spoon, Football golf, Obstacle course and the Krypton factor!

In Music pupils have been learning about how to create Variations of an original piece of music by changing the musical elements.

A Variation on 'Faded'

Marnie has created a new melody to accompany the broken chord bass line.

A Variation of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'

The girls have change the texture by adding more parts.

In humanities last week we were building on our key history skills by exploring how you evaluate the utility (usefulness) of a piece of historical evidence by following the ‘high 5’ method. 

Year 7 DT: Phoebe 7JB and Reuben 7RA have created a bird house which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Well done!

Year 7 Food and Nutrition - Over the last three weeks Year 7 pupils have been learning how to develop their menu planning skills. Part of this required pupils to modify an existing recipe to ensure it was healthy and included a variety of nutrients. Pupils have demonstrated excellent food preparation skills when cooking their main course dish.

Abbie has made an amazing bird feeder in DT

Lots of House Point certificates presented this week. Well Done Year 7!

Ella S spent the day dressed and behaving like Agatha Oddly for WBD - she looks fabulous!

Olivia D has created a brand new Willy Wonka chocolate bar for World Book Day

Take a look at Zara B's awesome drawings for World Book Day - she was inspired by the Tom Gates books

Hugo B dressed up for World Book Day!

Well done to Hannah T in 7JB for being the first Year 7 to send in a World Book Day activity. Her bookmark is beautiful!

Humbleton Village maps created in English lessons

Alex's monologue

Still image for this video

Martha has been working very hard to further develop her baking and cooking skills. Take a look at all the delicious food products she has made.

Alex's Microbes practical

Science work on white blood cells

Annabel R's Reading Challenge

Millie's great video about Black Lives Matter.

Still image for this video

James has demonstrated excellent time management and cooking skills whilst cooking a roast dinner for his family.

Georgia's really informative equestrian edition of things to do in lockdown.

In Humanities lessons pupils have been developing their knowledge and understanding of Buddhism. Buddhists believe that there are three characteristics that are common across everything in life. These are known as the Three Marks of Existence.

An amazing piece of Science work. The life cycle of a star by Amelia.

James has worked independently to combine a variety of ingredients to cook a shepherd's pie. Well done for demonstrating excellent safe use of a knife, hob and oven.

Have a watch of Annabel’s version of ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’

Zara has cooked a delicious cottage pie for her family. Excellent cooking skills!

Daniel and Rebecca show a great understanding of the Phases of the Moon 

Alfie has been further developing his food preparation and cooking skills by making a Mexican meal for his family. These fajitas look great!

Lots more creative ideas for lockdown in this excellent video from Phoebe.

James has made some delicious chocolate brownies! Well done for documenting the recipe.

Annabel has demonstrated great skill in making home made ravioli with mozzarella, Parmesan, basil and nutmeg filling. Well done for experimenting with flavours!

An important and powerful message in James' Black Lives Matter poster.

Lots more ideas of "things to do in lockdown" in this wonderful video from Annabel.

Excellent examples of "creative ideas in lockdown" videos by Alfie, James and Marnie.

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Still image for this video

Check out Ella S's (7CM) favourite book cover redesign for this week's Reading Challenge - it is so creative!

Check out Annabel R's entry for this week's Reading Challenge - what a fantastic artist she is!

Congratulations to Heidi and Bonnie on passing your Grade 3 Musical Theatre exams with Disinction.

Gymnastics lesson. Great work on balance routines from 7IA .

Midsummer Night Trump cards created by Josh in 7EF

Congratulations to Oliver in 7EF and Lucie in 7RA for being awarded Year 7 Star Chef and Designer of the Month in November.

In Food and Nutrition Year 7 pupils have been developing their research and investigating skills by learning about the nutritional benefits of a balanced diet in terms of the proportions of foods that should be eaten from the Eatwell Guide. Pupils have also learnt the importance of maintaining good hydration and the function of water in the diet. Pupils had to present the information they learnt in the form of a factsheet. Here are some brilliant examples of work produced by pupils.

Year 7 intra Tutor group matches results (Games Lessons)
We are doing an intra Tutor Group matches for football in games lessons doing both Home and Away fixture.
Home match was on the Tennis Courts and Away match will be on the Muga.
We did one minute silence before the match in memory of Ray Clemence.
P1 Tuesday
7IA vs 7KS/NB
Very close match indeed, evenly matched teams with 7IA narrowly winning 2-1.  Goals came from Bitton x2 for 7IA and Monson for 7KS/NB.  Will be a cracking match when we play the next game on the MUGA, which team will come out on top?  Watch this space!
P 2 Tuesday
7RA gave themselves a team name called 'The best team' and 7JB called themselves 'Norvixons'.  Another tight match with great football being played on a tough surface . The game ended in a 2-2 draw. Millford scored both of 7RA goals and Sunley and Tarring equalised for 7JB.  Bring on the next leg next Tuesday on the MUGA.
P3 Tuesday
7CM vs 7EF
7EF a star studded team, consisting of quite few of the school football team, Credit must go to 7CM for not dropping heads, they fought till the final whistle.  7EF won the game 3-0. Goals from Turrell, Kidner and Laundy put their team 3-0 up.  7CM will bounce back stronger and will have the MUGA as their home advantage.   

In Humanities we have been learning how to locate features on an OS Map using 4 and 6 Figure grid references this week. Pupils then had the opportunity to design their own map and add features to it. The next steps is to provide co-ordinates for the features they have identified on their maps.

Annabel's awesome rendition of A Midsummer's Night Dream.

A selection of Year 7 posters about staying safe online.

7CM have been working together on their Collective Worship folder.

Well done to Oscar in 7EF who recently swam 5000m in 1hour 48 minutes. He swam 200 lengths of a 25m pool.
A fantastic achievement.

Congratulations to Oscar in 7JB and Dillon in 7CM for being awarded DT Star Designer and Star Chef of the Month - October!

There have been some fantastic, creative examples of work related to our Mystery Island topic in English this half term.  Take a look at some of the pupils' hard work below.  There have been shelters, videos, tropical island recipes and even models of an entire desert island.  Well done year 7! Keep up the good work!

Mystery Island Models for English

Jacob's Shelter

Still image for this video

Year 7 Food and Nutrition - Pupils in Year 7 have been learning how to prepare and cook a range of savoury dishes safely whilst learning about traditional dishes cooked by other cultures. Pupils have developed their understanding of the importance of feeding themselves and others a healthy and balanced diet. In theory lessons pupils have learnt about the basic dietary requirements linked to NHS recommendations and the sources and functions of macronutrients, so they understand why they are needed by the body.

Marnie has been busy creating these amazing revision cards for calculating with decimals.

Amanda has created some fantastic posters that demonstrate very well how to calculate with decimals.

In Art this half term pupils have been designing posters to help them remember the seven elements of Art and completing an artist study on Mondrian.

In DT pupils having been looking at the topic of Plastic and Pollution. Have a look at the fantastic poster, essay and design for a Plastic Pen Holder.

Students were exploring the use of symbolism contained in portraits of Elizabeth I in Humanities last week.
They identified examples Tudor symbolism by annotating A copy of the 'Ditchley Portrait' of Elizabeth I, then students were tasked with creating their own portraits for Elizabeth and incorporating Tudor symbolism into it.

The Year Council met for the first time this week. It was great to hear their feedback and ideas.

In Science pupils have been experimenting with the Bunsen burner to find the best metal to use in a flare.

Annabel in 7EF has really impressed us with her work in English.

Ronnie in 7KS has been training hard on the hoops.

Bonnie in 7JB has been awarded DT - Star chef of the month for cooking a healthy Macaroni cheese dish for her family! Well done and fantastic presentation of a food product!

Rhythmic Ostinato

Still image for this video
7IA had a go at creating their own rhythmic Ostinato using buckets to be played alongside the melodic Ostinato from ‘Tommy’

7JB playing along with ‘Weapons on Sound’

Still image for this video

In music this week pupils have been learning about Ostinato. We have learnt that there are two types: rhythmic and melodic. We started by learning the play the four note melodic Ostinato in Tommy

House Points - see which tutor group have collected the most so far.....