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Year 7

Welcome to Year 7


The Year 7 team


Mrs Harrison (Head of Year)

Mrs Adair - 7RA

Mrs Scott/Mrs Bayliss - 7KS/NB

Miss McMillan - 7CM

Miss Butler - 7JB

Mr Fairbanks - 7EF

Mr Albrow (Assistant Headteacher) - 7IA

There have been some fantastic, creative examples of work related to our Mystery Island topic in English this half term.  Take a look at some of the pupils' hard work below.  There have been shelters, videos, tropical island recipes and even models of an entire desert island.  Well done year 7! Keep up the good work!
Amanda's fantastic model of her Mystery Island with mountains, waves and real sand!
Heidi's tropical island dish
Heidi's recipe

Jacob's Shelter

Still image for this video

Year 7 Food and Nutrition - Pupils in Year 7 have been learning how to prepare and cook a range of savoury dishes safely whilst learning about traditional dishes cooked by other cultures. Pupils have developed their understanding of the importance of feeding themselves and others a healthy and balanced diet. In theory lessons pupils have learnt about the basic dietary requirements linked to NHS recommendations and the sources and functions of macronutrients, so they understand why they are needed by the body.

Marnie has been busy creating these amazing revision cards for calculating with decimals.

Amanda has created some fantastic posters that demonstrate very well how to calculate with decimals.

In Art this half term pupils have been designing posters to help them remember the seven elements of Art and completing an artist study on Mondrian.

In DT pupils having been looking at the topic of Plastic and Pollution. Have a look at the fantastic poster, essay and design for a Plastic Pen Holder.

Students were exploring the use of symbolism contained in portraits of Elizabeth I in Humanities last week.
They identified examples Tudor symbolism by annotating A copy of the 'Ditchley Portrait' of Elizabeth I, then students were tasked with creating their own portraits for Elizabeth and incorporating Tudor symbolism into it.

The Year Council met for the first time this week. It was great to hear their feedback and ideas.

In Science pupils have been experimenting with the Bunsen burner to find the best metal to use in a flare.

Annabel in 7EF has really impressed us with her work in English.

Ronnie in 7KS has been training hard on the hoops.

Bonnie in 7JB has been awarded DT - Star chef of the month for cooking a healthy Macaroni cheese dish for her family! Well done and fantastic presentation of a food product!

Rhythmic Ostinato

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7IA had a go at creating their own rhythmic Ostinato using buckets to be played alongside the melodic Ostinato from ‘Tommy’

7JB playing along with ‘Weapons on Sound’

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In music this week pupils have been learning about Ostinato. We have learnt that there are two types: rhythmic and melodic. We started by learning the play the four note melodic Ostinato in Tommy

House Points - see which tutor group have collected the most so far.....