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Summer Reading Challenge 2022

Enjoy your summer of reading!

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Here at the library we run the Libresoft operating system.  Libresoft is cloud based which allows any pupil to log in from home to browse the catalogue, see their loans, reserve books and write reviews.

Pupils can see Mrs Dourley in the library to get their log-on and password.

Library Statistics - June 2022


Most Popular Books 

1. Heartstopper - Alice Oseman

2. Lucky - Chris Hill

3. The Silver Eyes - Scott Cawthorn

4. Sam Wu is not afraid of Sharks - Katie Tsang

5. Sam Wu is not afraid of Ghosts - Kevin Tsang

6. Lost Heir (Wings of Fire #2) - Mike Holmes

7. Loki, A Bad God's Guide to Being Good - Louie Stowell

8. Julia and the Shark - Karen Millwood Hargrave

9. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J. K. Rowling

10. Gone - Michael Grant




New Books This Month

Mrs Dourley is currently reading...


I have always enjoyed survival stories so I was interested to read this one after I read the blurb...


'A school trip goes disastrously wrong when a visit to local caves turns into something far more sinister.  Five teenagers find themselves trapped beneath the ground. Their best chance of escape is to stay together.  Then a member of the group goes missing and their hopes of getting out alive start to fade.  Does one of the remaining four know more than they are letting on, or perhaps there is something more evil lurking in the caves?

Mrs Dourley's most recent review


I had seen a number of very positive reviews for this book and in my opinion the other reviewers are absolutely correct!  This is a lovely story about human nature and the relationships that we build and nourish during our lives, whilst commenting on the global issue of climate change and its devastating effects on our planet.  


April and her father move to 'Bear Island,' a remote place off the coast of Norway and near the Arctic Circle.  While April's father is consumed with his work measuring the temperatures, April explores the island where she meets Bear.  What follows is a beautifully written story about April and the Bear and how they become fierce friends in the face of many obstacles, not least the ever present threat of global warming.


April is a lovely character, as a reader you are totally drawn into her story and feel all her emotions as she does.  The story is full of beautifully written description and made me feel lost in the Arctic world.


Highly recommended


Five thumbs up out of five for me.


Year Five Reading Millionaires

Pupils in year five have been working very hard to challenge themselves with their reading since arriving at school in September.  We are now starting to see some pupils who have read


Huge Congratulations to 

James C in 5JP (1,404,277) 

Lily M in 5OM (1,007,632) and

Toby S in 5OM (1,085,905)


Getting close are

Lola C in 5JP (834,905)

Logan G in 5OM (739,846)


This is an amazing feat.  If you read for 15 minutes per day then it would take you about a year to read 1 Million Words! That's allowing an average reading speed of one page per minute.  

The longest Harry Potter book, The Order of the Phoenix has 257,045 words!

Pupil Reviews

Exciting News 

Ms Adair is working hard to create a new 'Careers' corner of the library where students will be able to find a range of books to help them make decisions about their options, careers they may find interesting, and how to access them.


We are hoping this new section of the library will be available in the coming months. Please let Ms Adair or Mrs Dourley know if you have any suggestions as to what you might like to see in this section.  Please use the suggestion box in the library if you prefer to do so anonymously.



If you struggle with 'what to read next' check out this amazing 'BookMatch' website.  Hundreds of suggestions for almost all of the most popular authors.

Click on the link below to find out more...