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In, in or in? Choosing the right way to say IN!

OBJECTIF: To become more confident saying where you live.

How do you say IN in French?

You might have noticed that there are several different ways to say IN!

It depends on what you are saying...



Look at the sentences and recordings below.



 ...when you hear a CLAP

  ...REPEAT OUT LOUD what you have heard! (Don’t be put off by anyone listening, and do the clap too, if it helps!)

J'habite dans une maison.

I live in a house.

J'habite dans un village.

I live in a village.

J'habite en ville.

I live in town.

J'habite à Paris.

I live in Paris.

J'habite à la campagne.

I live in the countryside.

J'habite au bord de la mer.

I live at the seaside.

  • Listen and repeat these several times to develop your pronunciation.
  • Mimic the sounds as closely as your can, and look at the words as you say them.
  • Don't be afraid of sounding silly - by careful listening and repetition you are training your brain and developing your mouth muscle-memory!


In Key Stage 2, you learnt to say where you live like this:

  Où habites-tu? J'habite à Wedmore.


In Key Stage 3, we expect you to give much more detail, and EXTEND your sentences. There are lots of ways to do this, such as using conjunctions (and/but), adjectives, and opinions.


Watch this video showing how to extend a simple sentence about where you live.

It's like building a pyramid!

Où habites-tu?

Writing an extended answer to the question 'where do you live?'



Now write and colour a pyramid of your own saying where you live, like the one in the video. Start with J'habite...


Use the word bank below to help you, and the photograph of my example from the video.


You can also use the online dictionary to look up new nouns and adjectives (DON'T look up whole phrases.)


Upload your pyramid to today's assignment for me to see.



To extend yours even more, try adding an opinion, e.g. J'aime mon appartement...

...and a reason ...parce que c'est...



You will be marked on CONTENT, ACCURACY and PRESENTATION... so check your spellings carefully, give lots of details, and think about how to present your work so it shows how your sentence gradually develops.