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Dans Ma Valise - In My Suitcase

Je vais aller en vacances! 

(D'accord, ce n'est pas vrai...)



In this video I show all the items I have in my suitcase to take on holiday, and give a reason for each.

Watch the video and write down, in English and French, all 10 objects I have in my suitcase.

Write down as much as you can understand about the reasons for each item, in English.... and French too if you feel brave! Don't worry if you don't get them all - write your best guess based on context and deduction, and listen for key words and cognates to help you understand.


Bonus question: What did I remember at the end of the video?


You can check your answers below.

Dans Ma Valise

Saying what items you have in your suitcase, with reasons.

TASK 2: 

Match the objects with the reasons.


TASK 3 (extension challenge):

Make a similar video to mine, showing what is in your suitcase, and giving reasons. My script is attached below if you would like to look at it. 


If you prefer to write a script but not film it, that is fine!


I would love to see any work that you produce:

You can decide if it goes on the website!


Bon Courage!