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COMING SOON - Friday 3rd Februrary

Ben Smith - 401 Foundation

Ben, who ran 401 marathon in 401 days to raise awareness and money for anti-bullying charities and now leads a Foundation aimed to support mental health, will be joining us at Hugh Sexey.  

Ben is coming in to speak with pupils, about how to face and overcome challenges in a positive way.  This links with our CDI framework question 'HOw can I learn from disappointment and what can I do when my main plan doesnt work out? (CDI Manage Careers)


To find out more about Ben and the 401 Foundation, go to




Green Careers Week runs from the 7-12 Nov - click the links to find out more about Careers in Sustainability 

Sustainability Quiz: How much do you know about sustainability?


Green Apprenticeships:  Click the link to watch the video



WB 10/10: Pupils in Year 8 to complete Career Pilot Values survey - find out what values underpin your future aspirations


WB 10/10 New Release: Animated from Hub of the South West Careers Office informing KS3 pupils and their families about key routes into education and employment post GSCE - Routes after GCSE


Kings of Wessex Academy Careers Fair - Thurs 10th November open to pupils and families 15.15 to 18.30

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Fri 10th November: Challenge Day

Mental health and Wellbeing: Skills for Life and Work

Developing Metacognition and resilience skills (Y7&Y8)

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Mrs R Adair

Assistant Headteacher


Link Governor for Careers Education

Mrs Sue Moreman; Chair of Governors

Enterprise Advisor

Liam Bevington

Wessex Water


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