Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Starting cases

Make sure you have sent me in a film, or the script at least, from last week so I know you are keeping up!
This week I am sending home two booklets for each of you; a study guide and a workbook to go with it. The pages in the workbook correspond with the same pages in the study guide, so read the blue book first before you tackle the exercises!

Read study guide page 13, Where you Live.

Complete the corresponding page in the workbook (page 12).

There are answers at the back of the book, but have a proper go at the questions before you check!

Read the study guide, page 12, Your Home.

Complete page 11 of workbook.

Pages 58-59 of the study guide deal with the cases (accusative and dative) which we have been looking at over the last few weeks, in a bit more detail. Read them both, and have a go at the corresponding exercises on pages 52-53 of the workbook.


Try not to get too bogged down with worrying about the cases if you find them hard. They are! But the more practice you have, the easier they will become. smiley