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Work for the first week after half term - week beginning 22nd February 


This week it's all about 'Roar'. First learn the body percussion rhythms and then remind yourselves of the singing hands patterns. 





Makaton CarPark Karaoke - ROAR - Singing Hands

Makaton #Karaoke #ROARWe have been waiting to do this song for a while, but the recent heatwave here in the UK has made it too hot to do in these tigery one...

Work for week beginning 8th February 2021

David Walliams piano .mp3

Week 5 (week beginning 1st February 2021)


Thank you for sending me in your videos. Its lovely to see so many of you having a go at home. 

Another cup one to have a go at this week. 'Don't Stop Believing'  

Remember to watch the tutorial first before joining in with the performance.


Then choose a song that you like listening too. Have a go at making your own cup rhythm to play along with the song.

Don't Stop Believing - TUTORIAL

Intermediate CUPS

Don't Stop Believing - PERFORMANCE

Intermediate CUPS

Week 4 (week beginning 25th January) 


Hi Year 5, I hope you are all well. A couple of things for you to have a go at this week. Find out about the weird instruments by listening to and answering questions to David Walliams podcast. 

Then grab yourself a cup and join in with 'I'm Still Standing' and 'Surfing USA' tutorials and performances. You could get the whole family joining in. I'd love to see the videos of your performances.

Take care

Mrs Harrison

David Williams - Weird Instruments.mp3

I'm Still Standing - TUTORIAL

Beginner CUPS

I'm Still Standing - PERFORMANCE

Beginner CUPS

Johnny B. Goode - TUTORIAL

Beginner CUPS

Johnny B. Goode - PERFORMANCE

Beginner CUPS

Lesson 3


This activity is all about Film music. Have a listen to the Podcast by David Walliams and complete the quiz.

David Walliams Podcast Film Music.mp3

Use Chrome Lab to explore sound and create music patterns. Make sure you open the website in Chrome.

Lesson 2


Hi Year 5,


Have a go at naming the Disney film songs

Guess The Disney Songs | 2020

then join in with the lesson on Pulse and Rhythm.

Lesson 1


Have a go at creating your own music magazine.