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Starting to use the future tense

Talking about THE FUTURE...


To say what you are going to do, you need these 2 ingredients:


If you need to practise the verb ALLER, click here.

TASK 1: Match these up with the English sentences below:

1) Je vais manger.

2) Je vais danser.

3) Je vais jouer.

4) Je vais aller.

5) Je vais faire.


a) I'm going to play.

b) I'm going to dance.

c) I'm going to do.

d) I'm going to go.

e) I'm going to eat.

 TASK 2: Écoutez

Which day am I going to do each activity? Listen to the recordings below.


a) ___________ je vais regarder la télé.

b) ___________ je vais jouer au foot.

c) ___________ je vais aller à la plage.

d) ___________ je vais faire de la natation.

e) ___________ je vais manger au restaurant.






This one is more of a challenge! Write down in English what I am doing on Saturday and Sunday. Remember to say with 'I'm going to...'

Le week-end.mp3

TASK 3: Écrivez

Translate these sentences into English. They are all in the future tense.

Lundi, je vais jouer au foot.= On Monday, I'm going to....

Mardi, je vais regarder la télé.

Mercredi, je vais faire de la natation.

Jeudi, je vais manger au restaurant.

Vendredi, je vais aller à la plage.Samedi, je vais faire de la natation.

Dimanche, je vais retrouver mes amis.


Extension: Change the sentences so they say ‘he is going’ or ‘she is going’ or ‘we are going’, using the ALLER verb table.