Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve


Extension listening task

  1. Julie is at the shops. (1 point)
  2. She is with Amélie. (1 point)
  3. They are shopping. (1 point)
  4. A red pullover (1 point for pullover;  1 bonus point for red)

A pretty blue dress (1 point for dress, 2 bonus points for pretty and blue)

Some jeans (1 point)

  1. Her mum is at home/at the house (1 point)
  2. With her dad, her brother, her grandparents and her cousin (4 points, plus one bonus point if you wrote female cousin!)
  3. It is her granddad’s birthday. (1 point)
  4. She forgot! (J’ai oublié) (1 point)