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Noël en France

You can do these tasks in any order!


Below are the French words to 'Jingle Bells'... the tune is the same, but the words are very different! 


Using online dictionary, fill in the blanks to work out the lyrics.

You can download a copy below or write your answers on paper.


Watch the video below to hear the song and check your answers!


Voici le vidéo avec la chanson que nous avons chanté dans le festival de Noël de l'école...


Make a French Christmas card!

Open the document below for instructions.


Watch the video below all about French Christmas traditions.


Look for the answers to the questions below.

Christmas in France: So. Much. Food!

  1. What date do most people celebrate Christmas in France?
  2. What is the name for the big Christmas meal eaten on 24th December?
  3. What time of day is it eaten?
  4. Name 3 foods that might be eaten:
  5. What is a Bûche de Noël cake shaped as?
  6. What do French children put out for Père Noël to put present in?
  7. What are the little figurines on the nativity scenes called?
  8. Name 3 items of food or drink available at the Christmas market in Strasbourg.
  9. What is the French phrase for Merry Christmas?