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Making Marvellous Sentences

A warm up song - La Maison Ronchonchon

The Ronchonchons' house

Listen out for the phrase ça m'énerve which means that gets on my nerves - which this song might! You can stop listening if it does!

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L'Objectif: To become more confident writing accurately and extending your sentences.


There have been some great examples of work handed in recently, showing how people are developing their writing skills in French.


Today I'm going to share some examples with you, then give you an example to play with! 


Watch the video, to see some great work... and find out what is so great about it. 

It's 12 minutes long, but try to watch it all... you will soon start to spot what is good in each example...

To be a really independent learner, make some notes as you go along, on Making Marvellous Sentences.

Making Marvellous Sentences

Some examples of work for year 7 pupils at Hugh Sexeys, showing ways to extend sentences.


Transforming a simple sentence into a marvellous description.

FIND: A piece of paper and some colours.  

You might also want to open


1) Copy the sentence below, quite big, onto a new piece of paper.

Leave a couple of lines above it and lots of space underneath.

You can work on a computer if you prefer to type.



2) Now change the sentence like this:


- cross out the red words, and change them to the highlighted words

- add in the extra highlighted words.

- use a different colour for each new bit you add (if possible... otherwise use black!)


If you prefer to work on the computer, copy and paste the sentence each time, then change it, so we can see how it has grown.


1) In my house, there are one ten bedrooms


2) In my house, there are ten bedrooms and a living room.


4) In my house, there are ten, big comfortable bedrooms and a small living room.

(Remember that grand and petit go before the room, and confortable goes after! You will need to add these words in with arrows...)


Keep going... now it gets interesting... 

- look up the new words you don't know on


5) In mhouse castle, there are ten big, confortable cold bedrooms and a small, ridiculous living room.


6) In my magical castle, there are ten six hundred big, very cold dungeons and a small, completely ridiculous ballroom.


7) In my magical castle, there are six hundred big, very cold dungeons and a small, completely ridiculous ballroom. I hate the ballroom because it is really ugly. I prefer the dungeons!


laugh Wow, well done if you got this far! 

You might want to write out your last, marvelous sentence in neat as your paper will probably be quite messy now!


If you have time, then the last task is to get creative and write a new description, starting like this:

Dans ma maison idéale, il y a...

In my ideal house, there is...


Make it as creative as you can, but DON'T look up sentences - just nouns, adjectives, and maybe some intensifiers.