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Dans la Classe - using French in class



Listen to each object and see how it is spelt.


Use this to help with your learning homework.


Est-ce que je peux avoir...?

Can I have...?

Est-ce que je peux avoir.mp3

 un stylo

un stylo.mp3

un crayon

un crayon.mp3

 une gomme

une gomme.mp3

une règle

une règle.mp3

un taille-crayon

un taille-crayon.mp3

 un bâton de colle

un bâton de colle.mp3

un cahier

un cahier.mp3

une feuille

une feuille.mp3

 des ciseaux

des ciseaux.mp3

Here is a video Miss Kendall made last year to get year 7 ready to come back after lockdown - it might help you revise the objects!

Dans ma trousse

What is in my pencil case? What is NOT there?

You could also find each object, make a label for it, and photograph them, to help you learn them!


Below is a link to the listening task we did in class.