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8 June: Les Vêtements - Clothes


Whatever is Mrs. Harris doing here?

Watch the video to find out the names of 10 items of clothing...

TASK 2: 

 Write 1-5, and decide if each sentence shows picture a, b or c.


1) C'est une chemise blanche. A, B ou C?


 A)  B)   C) 


2) C'est un pantalon bleu. A, B ou C?


 A) B) C) 


3) C'est une robe violette. A, B ou C?


 A) B)  C) 


4) C'est un pullover rose. A, B ou C?


 A)   B)  C) 


5) C'est une écharpe noire. A, B ou C?


 A)  B) C)  

TASK 3: 

Draw and label a picture of yourself in your favourite outfit!



Use the word list above, or look up any new items using the online dictionary


Try to include colours - remember, they go AFTER the clothing!

I would love to see your drawings - you can email them to

Here is a song to give you some ideas!

Les Vêtements - Alain Le Lait