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Qu'est-ce que tu fais....? Saying when you do things



Revise days of the week with good old Alain Le lait!


Watch the following video as if you were in a lesson! Listen, repeat, and replay it as many times as you need, until you really know the time phrases!

Time Phrases in French

Useful ways to say when and how often you do things!


Make yourself some flashcards, and practise the new words, with games such as pairs. Make sure you say them out loud as you are playing! Ask a sibling or a parent or carer to play with you, and teach them the pronunciation as you go!

 I have attached some flashcards if you don't want to make your own, feel free to print them off!


Another alternative is to sign up to Quizlet, if you haven't already (it's free), and practise the phrases on my page there. Follow the link below...


Listen to the following conversations and answer when and what the speaker does each day. Answer in ENGLISH. 








(Available as a word document to print off if you wish. See below!)

Read the text and answer the questions. Remember to pick out key words!



Salut! Je m'intéresse à tous les sports, donc pendant mon temps libre je suis très actif!

Lundi je joue au rugby avec mes amis au parc. Je joue le soir, après l'école. J'adore le rugby, et je joue même quand il pleut.

Mercredi je fais du judo au centre sportif. C'est un sport fantastique. Je participe souvent aux compétitions.

Vendredi soir je joue au football, et samedi je vais de temps en temps au stade de foot pour regarder un match; mon équipe préférée, c'est Paris St Germaine!

Samedi soir je regarde la télévision avec ma famille, ou je joue à la Playstation dans ma chambre.

Dimanche matin je fais du cyclisme avec mon père, mais, quand il fait froid, j'ai un vélo de spinning dans le garage! L'après-midi, quand il y a du soleil, je fais de la natation ou je joue au tennis. J'aime le tennis, mais je préfère la natation. Quand il y a du vent je joue aux cartes à la maison, ou je vais aux magasins pour faire du shopping! Je n'aime pas le shopping!




1. What sport does he do on Monday, and with whom?

2. Where and when does he do judo?

3. When, exactly, does he play football?

4. Who are his favourite football team?

5. Name 2 things he does on Saturdays.

6. What does he do on Sunday morning if it is cold?

7. Apart from cycling, name 4 other things he does on a Sunday.


b) Find the French

1. I'm interested in all sports.

2. In my freetime.

3. I am very active.

4. After school.

5. Even when it rains.

6. I often take part in competitions.

7. My favourite team.

8. I prefer swimming.



Write sentences to say what he does on Tuesday and Thursday! Use time phrases, weathers, opinions if you can! Upload this extension task to Teams so I can check them!