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ZIEL: To recognise some non-ball sports, say whether you do them, and if you like doing them or not!

TASK 1:  Lernen

Here are some sports you don't 'play', so we need a different verb to the verb spielen.

We use ich fahre (fahren) to talk about sports with 'wheels' or movement from one place to another!


To say we do these sports, we use the verb fahren, to go/travel. Concentrate on the first person, ich fahre, but here is a link to the whole conjugation of fahren if you need it!.


Ich fahre Rollschuh = I go rollerskating

Ich fahre Ski = I go skiing

TASK 2: There are other verbs for sports, that take neither fahren or spielen.


schwimmen - to swim

turnen - to do gymnastics

segeln - to sail


These are all weak (regular) verbs, so the endings are the same as spielen.


Ich schwimme, Ich turne, Ich segle






TASK 3:  Saying whether you like doing sports, or not.


Make up four sentences saying what you like doing/don't like doing...

Use gern/nicht gern/am liebsten. Notice they come straight after the verb, EVERY TIME!