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Work for yr7 16th June 2021

Work for after half term is a project on Music from Around the World which you can work through at your own pace. 

Work for after half term - week beginning 22nd February 2021.

Week 6 (week beginning 8th Feruary 2021)


The Wellerman Tap Along

Everyone is talking about the Tik Tok hit sensation The Wellerman! Did you know it's based on a type of music called a Sea Shanty?

A Sea Shanty is a type of work song that sailors used to sing when they working on board ship as they were hauling on ropes or pulling oars. The strong pulse running throughout these songs help the sailors keep in time with each other.


What to do

  • Find | You'll need two things  you can tap on a hard surface (e.g. two spoons, or two pens)
  • Right and left | Follow the video and tap the patterns for line 1 in your left hand and line 2 in your right hand
  • Challenge | Why not try doing both at the same time!? You might need a few practice goes at this


The Wellerman Tap Along


Week 5 (week beginning 1st February)


This week is a continuation from the Stomp and Sing lesson. 

You will be learning how to create beatboxing sounds and having a go. 


Week 4 (27th January 2021)


Hi Year 7,

I hope you are all well. 

This week I'd like you to have a listen to David Walliams podcast on film music and answer the questions in the pdf file.


With a family member have a go at the 'Can't Stop The Feeling' body percussion patterns. Watch the tutorial first before joining in with the performance.




David Walliams Podcast Film Music.mp3

Can't Stop The Feeling - TUTORIAL


Can't Stop The Feeling - PERFORMANCE


Week 3 (20/1/2021)


Take part in the lesson on Pulse and Rhythm 



Grab yourself a cup!!!


Beginner CUPS

Week 2 - Listening Diary (13/1/2021)


Read through the instructions on the document below, you choose the music you would like to listen to and then write your responses using the Music literacy help sheet.



Hello Year 7s,

Please find attached your Music activity for this week (6/1/2021)