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La Carte Des Boissons


1) Qu’est-ce que c’est? Find the French for:

a. drinks = _______________

b. the menu = _______________

c. without alcohol = _______________

d. without gas = _______________

e. alcoholic = _______________

f. fizzy = _______________

g. wine = _______________

h. beer = _______________

i. cider = _______________

j. a glass = _______________

k. a bottle = _______________

l. apple = _______________

m. pineapple = ______________


    2) C’est combien? 

    How much would these drinks cost? (work out your answer, then write the price in French!)


    1. An orange juice and a beer. = ____________ euros ____________
    2. A lemonade and an apple juice. 
    3. A coke, a coffee, and a glass of red wine.
    4. A bottle of white wine, some tea, and a pineapple juice.
    5. A beer, a pineapple juice, and a hot chocolate.


    Work out how to say all the prices in French.

    Add extra drinks from a dictionary.

    Les Boissons au Café - BBC Talk French

    Watch from 0:20 to 2:38 - ordering drinks in a café.
    You can watch further to hear people ask for the bill (in old French money - Francs!) and talk about apératifs.

    Watch the video about French cafés, and answer these questions:

    1. How does the lady by the palm tree like her coffee? She uses 3 adjectives! (0:50)
    2. What alcoholic drink does she enjoy in the evening?
    3. What does santé mean, and when would you say it? (1:07)
    4. What do the French drink more of than any other country? (1:10)
    5. What is 'une pression' another word for? (1:24)
    6. Un Monaco is grenadine (pomegranate syrup) mixed with what 2 other drinks? (1:33)
    7. What do you think un café crème is? (1:56)