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French Cafe Project

Every year, a group of Year 7 pupils visit our first schools to run a French cafe for Year 4. Do you remember taking part in Year 4?


Application forms are now available and are due in on Thursday 26th May.


The cafes will take place after half term.




























Year 7 First School French Lesson Project 2021

You can get your finished video to us by email, or by uploading it to One Drive on Office 365 and sharing it with us, as it might be too big to email!


  • Pay close attention to the five tips given in the video. Don't try to cover too much in one three minute video!


  • Choose a topic that you feel comfortable with, and use a simple phrase to introduce them....
  1. Family topic, introduce your family members with the words 'Voici' (here is) or 'c'est' (this is)
  2. Pets, you could use 'mon animal préféré, c'est...' (My favourite animal is) or, more simply 'j'ai' ( I have)
  3. Dwellings 'j'habite dans' ( I live in)
  4. Colours, 'ma couleur préférée, c'est le bleu' (My favourite colour is blue)
  5. Rooms, 'Dans ma maison il y a' ( in my house there is)
  6. Furniture, 'Dans ma chambre il y a' ( In my bedroom there is)


  • Don't forget to check your pronunciation, and make sure you speak loudly and clearly.


  • Send your videos in as soon as you have done them. We can't wait to see them, and hope you have as much fun making them as we have making ours!