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Improving use of the future tense

Remember what you need to make the future tense:




Now you've got used to saying JE VAIS (I'm going), you need to practise using other parts of the verb ALLER - he's going, she's going, we're going...


Use this writing frame to translate the sentences below into French.



  1. On Monday, I’m going to play rugby.
  2. On Friday, he’s going to eat at a Chinese restaurant.
  3. This weekend, we’re going to go to the beach.
  4. On Wednesday, she’s going to do some shopping.
  5. On Tuesday, you’re going to do some swimming. (informal, friendly form of ‘you’)
  6. This weekend, she is going to do some ice-skating and watch a film.
  7. On Monday, I am going to do some cycling and some swimming.
  8. This weekend, they are going to play rugby. (a group of girls)
  9. On Wednesday, you are going to go to the shops. (polite form of ‘you’)

TASK 2: Décidez

Can you recognise the FUTURE TENSE? 

Which sentence is in the future tense - A or B?



a) Je vais manger au café.

b) Je mange au café.  



a) Je vais jouer au foot.

b) Je joue au foot.    



a) Je regarde la télé.

b) Je vais regarder la télé.     



a) Il fait du ski.

b) Il va faire du ski.



a) Elle va visiter le musée.

b) Elle visite le musée. 



a) Tu écoutes de la musique.

b) Tu vas écouter de la musique.



a) Nous regardons un film.

b) Nous allons regarder un film.



a) Vous allez manger une pizza.

b) Vous mangez une pizza.



a) Ils font de la natation.

b) Ils vont faire de la natation. 



a) Je vais au supermarché.

b) Je vais aller au supermarché.



a) Nous allons aller à la plage.

b) Nous allons à la plage.



a) Il va à Weston.

b) Il va aller à Weston.


Write down the English translation for each future tense sentence above.



Listen to Thomas and Hélène, and answer the questions. Play the dialogue as many times as you wish.

Ce week-end - conversation.mp3

1) What two activities is Hélène going to do on Saturday, and with whom? (3 points)


2) Which 2 of these activities is she going to do on Sunday?

Homework / cooking / call friends / watch TV. (2) 


3) Who is Thomas going to see at the weekend?


4) Where are they going to eat? (2 points)


Open this worksheet at translate the sentences into English. Remember they are all in the future tense - I'm going to...  he's going to...