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Au café

Task 1:

Listen to the café dialogues. Each time, make a note of:

a) what the customer orders

b) how much it costs


You may need to revise your numbers first. Prices are in euros, and are said in the same way as English, for example 3,20 euros is said 'trois euros vingt'.

Au café 1

Au café 2

Au café 3

Extension Task

Use the dialogue below, write your own café dialogue, changing the food and drink, and the 

prices which are underlined. Ask someone to help you perform it. If you would like to film it and send it in, please do, or send us your script! 

Listen to the recordings again to check the pronunciation.


Au Café!


Serveuse: Bonjour Madame!

Cliente:     Bonjour!

Serveuse: Vous désirez?

Cliente:     Je voudrais une limonade, s’il vous plaît.

Serveuse: Voilà, une limonade.

Cliente:     Ah, merci beaucoup. Ça fait combien?

Serveuse:  Ça fait deux euros vingt. (€2,20)

Cliente:     Deux euros cinquante…voilà!

Serveuse: Merci.

Cliente:     Au revoir!

Serveuse: Au revoir!




Bonne Chance!