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Careers Education Vision



Our vision for Careers Education at Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School is intrinsically informed by our Core Christian values and our desire for pupils grow to become ‘open-minded global citizens of the future’, ready for a fast-paced and interconnected world of work in the 21st Century.  

Pupils at Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School begin to engage in learning and exploration about future careers as early as Year 5.  Through our PSHE provision called Jigsaw PSHE, pupils in all years undertake a module entitled ‘Dreams and Goals’.  In this module, pupils learn about and discuss both the skills and knowledge required for future employment, and also have opportunities to reflect on their own personal ambitions, interests and areas of strength. 


Additional opportunities are arranged throughout the year to meet the needs and enhance the personal development of groups or individuals.  Working with FE providers like the University of the West of England on STEM workshops, visiting local high-skill employers like EFD Energy/Hinkley Point B and arranging ‘Challenge Day’ activities are examples of how all pupils have opportunities to learn about and begin to prepare for the future world of work.  We also take special care to ensure that our most vulnerable pupils have opportunities to engage with the world of work, having arranged visits or informal job shadowing to local employers of interest or significance in pupils’ lives.  Vulnerable pupils are further supported with their transition to their next phase of education with enhanced visit arrangements and with personalised support from the SENDCo in course selection.  When pupils progress into Year 9 at the Kings of Wessex Academy, they will continue their Careers Education, learning more about the specific requirements for their profession of interest and having valuable opportunities to complete work experience in their chosen field.  Further details of this provision can be found under ‘Employability’ at


Further guidance related to the statutory arrangements for Careers Education at KS3 and above can be found by following this link


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