Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve


Anjali has produced some very creative animal themed pancakes in response to the pancake challenge! Fantastic work

Olivia. S has worked independently to bake a beautiful batch of cupcakes which have been neatly decorated with icing and sprinkles. Well done!

William. D has cooked a fantastic 3 course meal for his family comprising of dough balls for starter, tomato and chick pea soup for the main and chocolate mousse for dessert.

Year 6 pupils have been completing the knife skills: carrot challenge. The challenge required pupils to cut a carrot in 5 different ways using the following cutting techniques: slice, baton, jardinière, large dice and medium dice.

Evie. L has modified the American drop biscuits recipe by making savoury scones. She has then included them as part of a stew! Fantastic cooking skills.

Gracie.S has baked some wonderful food products over the course of this half term. Well done!

Mara has baked a batch of apple turnovers, demonstrating excellent shaping of pastry and use of equipment in the kitchen. Well done for carefully following the step-by-step method within the recipe.

Olivia. W has baked a beautiful Victoria Jam Sponge Cake which has a light and fluffy texture. It has been presented very well. Excellent work!

Taylor.A has made a delicious two tier chocolate cake! Well done

William. D has carefully followed the step-by-step method within the given recipes to create an excellent batch of apple turnovers and a large American Pizza. Well done!

Evie-Mae has been further developing her cooking skills by making carrot and coriander soup served with a garnish of basil. Well done!

Emilia. C, Erin, Mara and William. B have all made great batches of American drop biscuits! Well done

Sofia. M has demonstrated confidence in working independently to make a batch of apple turnovers. Excellent preparation of ingredients and presentation of the finished product. Well done!

Lewis. R has worked independently to make a batch of apple turnovers. Excellent preparation of filling ingredients and safety when using kitchen equipment! I think you'll agree these apple turnovers look delicious and just as good as shop bought ones!

Anjali has baked a fantastic rainbow tiered cake! Each layer of her cake has been coloured and baked evenly. She has taken time to carefully decorate the top of the cake with icing which has helped to finish off the overall presentation. Well done!