Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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British Values

Term 1: Celebrating our British Values as lived out by our Queen - we plant a tree in her memory - and the Eco-club take up responsibility for its care

Term 6: Picture News British Values and Rights of the Child Coverage document

Term 5: Learning about and demonstrating our British Values

Term 4: Learning about and demonstrating our British Values

Coverage Document Term 4: British Values shared through Picture News

An adventurous curriculum which challenges pupils to reflect on their shared British Values

Year 8 pupils have recently studied a unit in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics which looked at themes of Equality and Justice.  Pupils explored issues, past and present, where Britith Values such as Democracy, Rule of Law, Tolerance of faith and belief, Mutual Respect, and Individual liberty were inhibited.  They looked at the impact social and political change has had on our society and discussed what more, they believe, still needs to be done. This learning was also linked across the curriculum to work in History, where pupil learned about the Transatlantic Slave Trade and began to question how this legacy should be remembered, making local links to recent protest movements in Bristol.