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5) Où habites-tu?

L'OBJECTIF: To say where you live

Listen to the question and answer below. Repeat it yourself.

Où habites-tu? 

Where do you live?


J'habite à...

I live in...



Translate these 5 sentences into French:

1) I live in Blackford.

2) I live in Bristol.

3) I live in London.

4) I live in New York.

5) I live in Barcelona.


Add one more sentence to say where you live!


Watch this video to see some French speakers saying where they live.

You will hear the questions 'Où habites-tu?' as well as the more polite form 'Où habitez-vous?'

French people say 'vous' instead of 'tu' when they are speaking formally, to be polite to someone they don't know very well.

Où habites-tu ? / Où habitez-vous ? - "Where do you live?"