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2 v 1 Rugby Skills, week 1 - Something to help with the work done in Games lessons.

Week 1 Skill Focus: Reserving Space. How much do you train 2 v 1? Do you think how you can reserve space and draw the defender? Double tap if you practise 2 v 1s👊 . This week we look at 3 tips: Tip 1: Early Catch, get that ball in your hand early.

Things to practice that will further develop the skills we practice.

Tips and Drills on Rugby 2 v 1s Week 2, Skill Focus: The Early Catch.🏉 How much do you train your catch🙌? Do you get that ball in your hands early? Double tap if you catch away from your chest👊 This week we look at 3 Fun drills to help with the early catch: Drill 1: Don't let that ball hit your chest, catch away from your body.

Rugby 2v1's Tips, Drills and Stay Square, Week 3

Tell me why we want to stay straight when performing a 2v1? Comment below your answers. . Here is week 3 of 2v1s and its all about staying straight and taking the ball forward. I have used lines and cones in the 3 drills that I have mentioned as they are a great way to showcase whether or not we are staying straight.