Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Football - Principles of 442

An insight into the strategy behind football formations. Watch and consider how you and your peers would fit into this system.

Intro to Netball | Rules, positions and more EXPLAINED!

A refresher on netball positions and rules. Revise content for next weeks assessment.

Wednesday's, WEDNESDAY Dance Scene Full Tutorial

Please learn the routine. Make movements clear and precise. Consider sudden and sustained movement.

2 v 1 Rugby Skills, week 1 - Something to help with the work done in Games lessons.

Week 1 Skill Focus: Reserving Space. How much do you train 2 v 1? Do you think how you can reserve space and draw the defender? Double tap if you practise 2 v 1s👊 . This week we look at 3 tips: Tip 1: Early Catch, get that ball in your hand early.

Things to practice that will further develop the skills we practice.

Tips and Drills on Rugby 2 v 1s Week 2, Skill Focus: The Early Catch.🏉 How much do you train your catch🙌? Do you get that ball in your hands early? Double tap if you catch away from your chest👊 This week we look at 3 Fun drills to help with the early catch: Drill 1: Don't let that ball hit your chest, catch away from your body.

Rugby 2v1's Tips, Drills and Stay Square, Week 3

Tell me why we want to stay straight when performing a 2v1? Comment below your answers. . Here is week 3 of 2v1s and its all about staying straight and taking the ball forward. I have used lines and cones in the 3 drills that I have mentioned as they are a great way to showcase whether or not we are staying straight.