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Mr McGrath's attempts Mr Waterfield's weekly challenge. Get your teams in before 5th February 2021

Well-being, habits and Social Media

Mr McGrath gives some suggestions on how to structure your days and week to ensure good physical and metal health.

Mr Waterfield's British and Irish Lions Team

Our very own Mr Waterfield picks his British and Irish Lions team for the tour of South Africa. Who makes your team?

Mr Waterfield’s British and Irish Lions Team

Core Workout 2 - The Movements - This time its personal

Simple to set up but rather challenging core routine. Try the challenges with good technique. Great for health and fitness.

The Nutcracker Basketball Routine

An alternative take on The Nutcracker and Basketball. Can you be creative with your love of sport and music? Please send us your creations.

Core Workout - Static Holds

A 10 minute circuit that uses static holds to strengthen the core muscles.

Push WOD

Upper body work out. Easy to set up and time and space efficient

Dream Team 2

Mr Waterfield's super hero handball team. Create your own and send it in

Home workout

A workout using a bag for resistance. Taking inspiration from Anthony Joshua's workout on the BBC

Premier League Dream Team

Mr Waterfield picks his Premier League Dream Team. Who is in yours?

Broncos Test

Great test for aerobic capacity. Ideally you need a 60m distance but this can be adapted.


Mrs Allen's comprehensive guide to street dance. Show us your own interpretations.

3 x 3 Challenge

Miss Butlers modified 5 x 5 challenge. Take on the 3 x 3 and let us know how you get on.

Gymnastics tricks do not try at home

DO NOT TRY AT HOME. This is what Mastering looks like. Something to inspire you.

Gymnastics sequence of moves

Sequencing gymnastics movements

Gymnastics rolling

An assortment of gymnastics rolls. Practice in a safe environment.

Fitness combine exercises 3

Fun and challenging circuit. You can use these to test components of fitness. Please keep me informed of progress.

Fitness combine exercises 2

Another easy to set up range of activities that you can do at home. Please share progress and any further activities you have been doing. Stay safe and active.

Fitness combine exercises 1

Easy to follow and monitor fitness activity. Get it done and email me how you do.