Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Hello Year 7, 

As you are aware, we were issued with a weather warning yesterday. Unfortunately, the announcement means school is closed today (18th February 2022). The PE Department realise that it is unsafe for you to go out and explore outdoor team sports so we have put together a simple powerpoint for you to follow for your lesson. All you need to do is download the powerpoint and follow the instructions. 


The lesson aims to support your physical skills and help to maintain your flexibility, control and strength which are central skills to most sports.


Be safe today and have a lovely half term.

"School Song" (Matilda the Musical) COVER by Spirit Young Performers Company

Here is the song we have been practising in Dance class from the Tim Minchin masterpiece Matilda. Last lesson we got to the section that ended with the "ringing of the bell". Practice the choreography to the music and refine the 2 x 8 block of individual dance. If you wish to explore the next phase then experiment with ideas using the two video resources.

Youth - Daughter || Bonnie Su Dance Choreography

Hello year 7s. Here is a contemporary dance on the theme of mobile phone addiction. Look at the use of the surroundings and how the movements flow. Many of these ideas can be implemented into our school performance. You could also consider your own dance piece on your own theme.