Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

Je me présente

Objective - I can introduce myself and understand personal information about other people

TASK 1: Écoutez


Listen to the recordings. For each person, write down:


1) How they are

2) Name

3) Age

4) Where they live

5) Birthday (month... and actual date for a bonus point!)



Number 1.mp3

Number 2.mp3

Number 3.mp3

Bonus question - what new phrase do you hear at the end of the last recording, meaning 'see you next time'?


Read the email below from Jaques to his new French penfriend. He doesn't even know his name yet!


Answer the questions below in English.



a) How is Jaques feeling?

b) How old is Jaques?

c) When is his birthday?

d) Where does he live? (Bonus points for details)

e) What does he like and dislike? 



Read the letter again and find all the questions.

Imagine you are Jaques' penfriend and write your own reply, introducing yourself and answering his questions. 


There is a copy of the Year 5 vocabulary list attached below. Page 7 is VERY useful!