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QU'EST-CE QUE TU FAIS COMME PASSE-TEMPS?.. What are your hobbies?

TODAY we are practising using a writing frame, in order to write about our own free time.

Saying what you do in different weather

Miss Kendall practises using a writing frame!



Listen to the 4 recordings below and follow the information in the pictures, as in the  video example. If you can print it out, then feel free to draw on it, otherwise just point as you listen to the recordings!





Can you make some sentences of your own, using the pictures? You don't need to write them down, just say them out loud!

You can add extra details to your sentences to extend them!


Now look at the writing frame below, and complete the tasks underneath.

TASK A: Write the following sentences in English...


1. Tous les jours, je regarde un film avec mon chien.

2. Quand il fait beau, je vais aux magasins avec mes amis.

3. De temps en temps, je mange au restaurant avec ma famille, mais samedi, je fais de la danse avec Tim et Bob.

4. Samedi, je joue au tennis, pourtant, l'après-midi, je vais aux magasins.



TASK B: Now try these in French. All the information is in the writing frame above!


1. On Saturday, I do dancing with my dog.

2.When it is nice weather, I play tennis, however, from time to time I watch a film with my sister.

3. From time to time, I go to the shops, and I eat at a restaurant in the afternoon.

4. Every day, when it is nice weather, I do dancing, but, from time to time, I play tennis with Tim.

You can also extend your writing with opinions.

TASK C: Write the following in French.


1. Every day I play tennis with my friends. I love tennis because it is fun.

2. From time time to I watch a film with my family, but I don't like films because it's boring.

3. In the afternoon I go to the shops. However I hate shopping. I prefer dancing because it is interesting. 

4. On Saturday I eat at a restaurant with my dog. I love Italian food because it is fantastic.

TASK D: Your turn - à toi!


Now write  at least four sentences of your own. Use the writing frames to help you. Stick to the basic structure, but can you add different


time phrases,





eg, Quand il pleut, quelquefois je joue à la Wii, avec mon père. J'aime la Wii parce que c'est formidable.

Here is a link to the Year 8 Vocabulary booklet, which you might find useful.