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Un Monstre à Paris

Film - 'Un Monstre à Paris'


Watch the French trailer for this film. You won't understand most of the words... but what can you guess about the film, its characters and story, just by watching?


When we try to understand a foreign language, we have to DEDUCE meanings from:

- intonation (tone of voice)

- facial expressions

- actions

- pictures

- music cues


Un Monstre à Paris Bande-annonce

Dans le Paris inondé de 1910, un monstre sème la panique. Traqué sans relâche par le redoutable préfet Maynott, il demeure introuvable... Et si la meilleure ...

Look at the cover for the film. What can you say about the different characters?

This film was translated into English (and several other languages!) There is a big industry in translating films into other languages - maybe this could be your future job!


Now watch the English trailer for the film. Are there any surprises?


A Monster in Paris - Official Trailer

A wacky inventor, his camera crazy best friend and a madcap monkey make a BIG mistake when let loose in the Professor's laboratory! With lotions and potions ...