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Epic Raffle!

The PTA have organised an epic Easter Raffle to be drawn on 3rd April just before the Easter Holidays.


There are 39 Eggs in total and will be 17 prizes as follows:


    1. 4 x 1st Prize of 6 Eggs = 24 Eggs
    2. 4 x 2nd Prize of 2 Eggs and an 80g Mini Egg bag =  8 Eggs  and
    3. 7 x Runner up prizes of 1 x Egg  = 7


Pupils will be issued with one book of raffle tickets to take home to sell at £1 per ticket Wednesday 18th March, once the tickets are sold, pupils can bring back the cash and stubs to Finance Office and they will be entered into the draw, if anyone would like additional tickets they will be available from the Finance Office.


Tickets will also be available on ParentPay at £5 for a book which will be allocated to names by the finance office.


If school is closed before the draw date the draw will be postponed until such a date that ticket monies can be returned to school and the draw done.


Monies are currently being raised for the swimming pool.


Thank you for your support



Charlotte Monson

Chair of the PTA

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 1

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