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Independent Learning Resources


KS3 - A video for those aspiring to be masters in the art of striking the football.

How To Create Spaces In Football? Football Basics Explained

KS2 - The information in this resource is very helpful in understanding how a team can keep the ball.

"School Song" (Matilda the Musical) COVER by Spirit Young Performers Company

KS3 - Year 7.

KS2 Gymnastics - 🏆💪SUPER SIMPLE STRETCHES For Kids & Gymnasts 🤸‍♀️ Build a STRONG Body 💪🥇

Some useful stretches and exercises that will help unlock your gymnastic potential. Can be practiced (safely) at home and perfect for if you are engaging in your own warm up preparation. Being more mobile will also be of great benefit to overall health and fitness.

KS2 Individual Ball Handling Skills

Video is targeting rugby but these skills can transfer over to a range of sports. Easy to do and suitable to all ages. Excellent preparation before lessons.

KS3 - Rugby - How to Get Better at Rugby (Without Getting Better at Rugby) - RugbySlate Analysis

A fantastic resource to show ways you can immediately become a better player. The idea of being better at the things that require no talent can pass onto a range of games and scenarios.
Don't follow the advice of watching a game with a beer though.

KS3 Rugby - How to beat the defender? Brilliant rugby masterclass | Rugby Tonight

If you can ignore the fact that the host (Austin Healey) can be a bit annoying his advice is very useful. Great for rugby but does pass onto other games.