Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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TU TE LEVES A QUELLE HEURE? - Asking and answering questions on daily routine

L'OBJECTIF: I can ask other people about their daily routine.


TASK 1: Revise the daily phrases. How many can you remember?




When we ask someone about their daily routine, we use tu te, instead of je me, and the tu form of the verb, which ends in es.


Tu te réveilles à quelle heure?


Ask the questions to the answers below!


1. __________________________? Je me lève à sept heures.

2. __________________________? Je me douche à sept heures dix.

3. __________________________? Je me brosse les dents à sept heures trente.

4. __________________________? je me couche à dix heures.


Now answer the following questions for yourself.


1. Tu te réveilles à quelle heure?

2. Tu te lèves à quelle heure?

3. Tu te brosses les dents où?

4. Tu te laves, ou tu te douches le matin?

5. Tu te couches à quelle heure?


Choose three of those questions and write them on a piece of scrap paper. You are going to go speed dating!