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JE ME PRÉSENTE - letter to a pen-friend

L'OBJECTIF: To apply the French you know to write a letter about yourself.



You are going to write a letter to an imaginary pen-friend, introducing yourself.

You are going to tell them:

- your name and age

- where you live

- what activities you do at home


If they turn out well, maybe we will send them on to another French learner in KS2!


This is an assessed piece, and it is a chance to show off everything you have learnt in French this term.


You are allowed to use your book, your vocab booklet, the wall displays, and a dictionary.



- using your resources to write independently

- adapting what you have learnt to use for yourself

- extending your sentences 

- writing accurately (spellings, articles, word order)


You will write on lined paper. You will have a chance to do corrections and improvements on your first draft, before taking it home to write up in neat.

How will my work be marked?



Use the task sheet to write your letter.