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29 June: Quel temps fait-il? What's the weather like?

TASK 1: Regardez

Watch the video to learn how to say the weather...

There are three different phrases for saying what the weather's like!

Try to memorise which weather goes with which phrase.

Quel temps fait il? What's the weather like?

Saying the weather in French


Open the document below. These cards can be printed, or you can make a set of your own by drawing pictures and copying the vocabulary.


  1. Carefully cut out the pictures and the weather words.
  2. Match them up, using your vocabulary list .
  3. Play some memory games to learn them, such as turning them all face down and trying to find pairs.
  4. Time yourself and see how quickly you can match them up.
  5. Practise saying them out loud and teach them to someone else.
  6. Practise them every day!